Business software solutions are an essential part of successful development and management. Currently, more and more companies, including startups, are moving online. This is because the software increases management productivity and significantly reduces the time and effort of employees.

We’ve taken the time to highlight which features offered by software vendors are vital to your business and which are just “nice to have”. Read on to learn more about what paperless meeting solution features you should use when buying a core software stack for a startup.

Startup tools should aim to make life easier for businesses. The ideal program will collect and centralize all information and sources under one umbrella, making it easier to track all the necessary data. The system you choose should be adapted for startups and display all customer, investor, and partner profiles.

What Startup Boardroom Features Do You Need?

The board software has the following features for efficient customer transactions.


Automation is a key feature that facilitates the interaction between you and your customers. Find software that lets you set custom rules and has sales automation features.

With automation, you can provide this:

  • Fulfillment of customer requests;
  • Completed work is noted and management is notified;
  • Communications with investors;
  • Quality control of work at all stages.

The Virtual boardroom contains a database where all transactions and tasks are recorded, planned processes are signed, and the company’s performance is analyzed. Startups should automate and optimize deal management, set tasks for managers, and monitor achievement.


Your business needs are specific and different from those of your competitors. Therefore, a software tool is needed to take into account the specifics and individual characteristics of the startup’s focus.

Customizing the features of your board portal software allows you to record more accurate start-up development analytics, which can help your business be clear about your revenue goals.


There are many ways to include third-party integrations in Board management software. One of the popular integrations is a combination through mail services. Email automation with your platform will help you communicate with clients and investors.


Virtual board software guarantees you the confidentiality of the information provided. This means that you can fully trust the platform and not worry about the security of your sensitive data.

Implementation of online meetings

Every startup requires constant communication with potential customers, partners, or investors. It is much more convenient to conduct meetings online. And this will also help a special software product. You can schedule video conferences, add participants, and hold general meetings.

Modern Technologies

Board portal tools for startups have the latest and most necessary technologies for the most comfortable and easy use in any field.

Communication control

Implementing software helps you see that a business is losing a lot of customers without even knowing it. Excel tables with a large client base do not allow you to notice in time who stopped using the company’s services, as well as find out why they stopped doing it. In a startup-focused system, new and lost customers are tracked automatically, which allows you to interact with them in time. Connecting with lost customers and minimizing their loss is the key to a thriving startup.

How do you know when to implement an online board meeting in your startup?

Automation and accounting are necessary for any business, but depending on its size and the size of the audience, different methods will be used.

Pay attention to signals indicating that the company can no longer cope without a software tool:

  • The workflow increased and there were problems with the loss of information and obtaining up-to-date data, the time for searching for it increased, and there were difficulties with employees’ access to general data.
  • Business processes have begun to work, and the team requires clear management. So it is worth thinking about automating this process.
  • The number of your customers is constantly growing, and regular clients appear, which means you need to start working more effectively with the target audience. It is necessary to collect all the data in one system.
  • Applications are received daily and from different channels: phone, email, social networks, website, and application. They are difficult to follow and difficult to analyze manually.
  • You may notice that important documents are constantly lost, and people make simple mistakes. So it’s time to give these tasks to an automated system.


Online board meeting tools for startups are a necessity in the modern world. They help to optimize all the most important processes as much as possible. Thanks to the built-in functions, you can simplify the process of negotiations with investors, as well as control the development process at the stages of making deals with the first clients.

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