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If you’d forgotten about the Patriots in NFL 2020 you aren’t alone. But we have bad news for New England haters. Bill Belichick is one of the most successful coaches in NFL history and will not go down without a fight. And if anyone can lift the Patriots out of an early grave and into the Playoffs, it’s Bill.

A win over the Baltimore Ravens this weekend gave the Patriots a glimpse of hope, with nine games into the season. The Patriots might be at 4-5. But there are seven playoff teams in this year’s contest. Maybe eight, if crucial games are canceled due to the spread of COVID-19.

Can the New England Patriots Reach the Playoffs in NFL 2020-21?

The Story So Far

The biggest challenge in front is the strength of the AFC. While five teams are currently vying for the playoffs, excluding the division leaders, only three are up for Wild Card entries. The Patriots need to pass at least three teams to qualify this season.

There is a silver lining though. The Patriots are up against the Texans and the Jets in the next few weeks. The two teams are currently struggling to find form. If New England manages to score a few more points in their remaining games and secure a win against the Texans and the Jets, they’ll be a strong contender for the Playoffs.

Their win last Sunday against the Ravens proved their mettle and ability to take down this season’s playoff contenders. Although their chances of scoring a win are slim, the Patriots need to put their best foot forward and bring in their A-game if they’re to proceed. Belichick needs to put the boys on a defensive strategy and focus on a heavy ball-control style.

New England was heavily affected this year due to free-agent losses and opt-outs due to COVID-19. The team fares well as long as Sam Newton possesses the ball. Based on past performances, the Patriots are 1-4 in games when Sam suffered a turnover. The corresponding figures are 3-0 for clean games.

Will the Fans Witness a Miracle in the Next Few Weeks?

As of now, there aren’t many reasons to put your faith in the Patriots performing a miracle save for Belichick’s presence. And offense isn’t their strong suit with their performance often being compared to games from the ‘70s. The boys need to improve their passing game.

With the glaring lack of an explosive playmaker in the offense for a major part of this season, the management will hopefully find a remedy soon. Although the defense managed to save face in the last game, their performance was lackluster at best in these past few weeks, having given up yards at an alarming rate.

The team needs to play turnover-free games and play effectively even while lacking a strong defense or an aggressive offense. But no matter what the odds, the Patriots are hanging on like the villain in a horror flick, even after the fans were certain they’re out of the competition.

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