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Vancouver Whitecaps

Vancouver Whitecaps FC is a Canadian club which was founded in 2009 and has been competing in the Western Conference of the MLS since 2011. So, if you’re in search of a Canadian team in the MLS to put your money on, Vancouver is not exactly a bad choice. But that is if you actually know how the whole betting thing works.

However, if you’re new to betting around here, you might need to first find out how Ontario sports betting works so that you can have opportunities. But you know, Vancouver Whitecaps being a decent team to bet on doesn’t exactly mean they are title challengers. You know what? Let’s just head to the question of the day: can they realistically win the MLS this season?

Okay, let’s start from the beginning.

Vancouver Whitecaps have never won the MLS Cup. In fact, the furthest they have ever gone is the quarter finals, and they reached there twice in 2015 and 2017.

What is more common for the Blue and Whites is a finish outside the playoff positions in the Western Conference. They have failed to qualify for the playoffs on 6 occasions, and sadly, it looks like they will be making it 7 by the end of the current season.

Vancouver are currently experiencing a dip this season after what was a pretty impressive 2021. Last year, they finally made it to the playoffs after missing out 3 seasons in a row.

But they have not been able to build on that momentum, and now, with just a handful of games to go, they still sit two places outside the playoff positions. And to make matters worse, two of those games they still have to play are against sides who currently sit in the top 3 of the Western Conference. So, it is really an uphill battle for them.

But if Vancouver can manage to win all their remaining games this season, they may actually make it to the playoffs. But can they realistically win all of their remaining games?

Their recent form is actually not doing anything to boost the hopes of their fans. Vancouver have won only 2 of their last 10 MLS games, so winning all of their remaining games seems like quite an impossible task for them.

So, having considered all the facts, if you ask us if Vancouver Whitecaps FC will win the MLS Cup this season, our answer would be a simple no.

We don’t think they have what it takes to grind out the results they need in their remaining games to make it to the playoffs.

And even if, by some otherworldly miracle, they manage to secure a playoff spot this season, 2022 just does not seem like the year that Vancouver will go on and do what they have never done in their history which is making it past the quarter finals of the MLS playoffs.

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