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With the advancement of technological innovations, people and businesses have learnt to embrace the online global market and the casino industry is not left behind. The industry has evolved from the traditional brick and mortar casinos to building gaming houses on the internet.

One unique thing you will learn about online casinos in the US is that they have proven to be quite advantageous to players who take gaming seriously. Comfort and anonymity is one unique advantage that draws players to online casinos and makes it a preference among punters. There is real-time quick access to a plethora of gaming options without the restraint of time and place. It also comes with a wide range of bonuses and VIP packages with safe payment options from the best financial companies. A real downer would be the inability to interact with other players and the pomp and pageantry that comes with the sights and sounds of a traditional casino.

With increasing popularity is an increase in online casinos opening up in the US daily. Too many options can be a little confusing but not to worry, we have specially curated all you need to learn about online casinos in the US.

Choosing an online casino is a bigger task than many people expect

Types of sites and play

There has been a metamorphosis between 1996 when online casinos first sprung up in the United States and now. Casinos are categorized based on factors such as live dealers, real money, fast payout, safety, reputation, newness etc. There are various options available, depending on what you’re looking for.

New casinos: As the name suggests, new casinos are relatively new in the gambling business therefore they come with a lot of bonuses, promotions, up-to-date technology and an attractive website to attract players.

Live casinos: Live casinos give the thrill of playing in real-time against real dealers right online. This is the closest to interacting with other players in online casino sites.

Trusted online casinos: These are authentic. They do not have a history of unfortunate incidents. They have a reputation for providing a safe space for players and have earned the trust of punters both for excellent service and safety.

Safe online casinos: These online casinos actually have authorization by recognized bodies to operate. They are casinos vetted and licensed by licensing bodies. Their business is legitimate. In New Jersey, the prominent licensing body is the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. In Pennsylvania, the prominent licensing body is the Pennysylvania Gaming Control Board.

Fast payout online casinos: Online casinos USA that fall under this category are known for fast payment patterns. They make payment of winnings in a quick and timely manner.

Real money online casinos:  Unlike free online casinos, here, you play with and for money. The money is real. You can deposit real money to play with the hope of earning real money in no distant future.

Casino games

A distinguishing characteristic of a casino is the high level of entertainment it offers with its long list of games for players. Different games have been featured in casinos over the years and some remain classics and elements of the casino Pop Culture.

This section provides the information you need to learn about online casinos ( in the US with regards to available gaming options.

  • Online slot machines
  • Table games and live casinos: Table games include; Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Baccarat, and Craps
  • Jackpot games
  • Lotteries and other games

When choosing an online casino to play look for:

  • Low wagering requirements
  • Good return to player(RTP)


Some recommended online casino sites are; 888 casino, Lucky Red Casino, Virgin Casino, Tropicana, Bet365, Unibet, Café Casino, Club World Casinos, Bovada Casino, and a whole lot of others.

Some of the criteria we look out for in selecting/recommending online casinos include:

  • Good bonuses and promotional offers
  • A great selection of games in all games categories
  • Mobile accessibility and experience
  • Professional, available and fast customer service
  • Proper gambling license
  • Proper terms and conditions
  • Aesthetics of casino design and concept
  • Payment options
  • Responsible gambling page

The future for online casinos

The online casino industry has had a good run for over two decades. It has an estimated worth of over 50 billion US dollars. It has also been known to evolve at a fast-rising pace catching up with current trends and technology.

Naturally, we can expect the advancement of technology to have a marked impact on the casino industry. With new technology that drives down streaming costs, live gaming is expected to become more popular. Blockchain is well on its way to becoming a key part of the industry, it is in fact already being used by some online casinos for cryptocurrency payments.

Augmented virtual reality technology is also a big thing to look out for, it will be a real game-changer.

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