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What technological innovations do modern casinos offer their customers and what impact do they have on the industry today? Read about security measures, protection against COVID-19, and predicting customer behaviour in the material.

Many gambling establishments, National Casino CA among others, adhere to the traditional approach to providing comfort and relaxation to customers and also introduce the latest technologies, which already create the effect of meeting the past with the future, without disturbing the harmony and without forcing visitors to abandon past preferences.

Casinos in Watches and Online Concierges Are New Technologies in Casinos

Online Concierge and Chatbots

For example, some casinos have already introduced an online concierge app that allows guests from anywhere to book a seat, inquire about services, or try their luck at a free bonus draw. We are also preparing to introduce products from casinos into smartwatches, as a result of which access to products of online operators has become even closer.

A key feature of chatbots is a personalized approach to customers. For the first time, an SMS chatbot named Rose was launched at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas casino, with which customers communicated via SMS messages. Based on the interests of clients, the robot selected the most suitable restaurants, casinos, and tours. The experience of using the chatbot turned out to be successful, as customer requests were 80% satisfied. Apart from digital assistants, some casinos also have “live” robots that can deliver towels and other items necessary for visitors to casinos and hotels.

Face Recognition System

A breakthrough in terms of ensuring the conditions for responsible gambling, which many regulators have been working on for many years, will be the introduction of a face recognition system. It is possible that the technology will subsequently become available in online casinos, for access to which gadgets with a webcam are used. Such a decision will not only reduce the level of gambling addiction but also save land-based casinos from unwanted customers who violate internal rules.

RFID Technology

RFID technology embedded in the chips will allow casinos to track which bets specific chips are participating in, which in turn will allow them to investigate player behaviour and reveal new details about the games themselves. Additionally, the technology can deactivate the chip in the event of theft or determine its location.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics are increasingly being implemented in online casinos, helping operators to anticipate customer requests, and then transfer some volumes of information to gambling regulators, which will help stabilize the market and bring underground operators out of the shadows. Increasingly, on the basis of data received by operators, players receive recommendations for individual interests. The advantage of predictive analytics is the work of AI that analyzes large amounts of data. Based on the final analysis, the developers create new products that reduce the likelihood of customers leaving.


The experience of computer games has also been successfully adopted by the gambling environment. The gamification of online casinos has brought additions to the segment in the form of tournaments, leaderboards, storylines, etc. The success of this format can also be ensured by the increasing popularity of games among users.

Regulation of Competition in Poker

The operator’s next decision, although not a breakthrough in the field of technology, is still capable of affecting the picture of the online segment. The main motive of the poker room is to make the game fair and comfortable, so it is possible that the outflow of newbies from this will decrease.

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