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The landscape of Ontario is broad, with many communities bolstering rich and prosperous communities. However, every community has its own challenges, and for the community of Hamilton and many of the surrounding communities, poverty, and limited resources play a significant role for many at-risk groups.

However, for one developer, ensuring that the community doesn’t go without has been a nearly 10-year mission. Losani Homes is an Ontario-based developer that was initially founded by John Losani in 1976 along with his son Lino, and later his younger son Fred.

Together, the family established the Losani Family Foundation, which provides significant community support for underprivileged children, vulnerable women, and food banks. Recently, the foundation celebrated its 10-year anniversary. Over that decade, the foundation has supported its community through multiple initiatives.

The Losani Family Foundation has donated more than $1.6 million since its inception in 2013.

The foundation has supported a number of organizations over the years with the aim of improving the community at large. Some of the organizations they support include Good Shepherd, St. Matthew’s House, and Hamilton Food Share. Some of the main areas of focus for the foundation are support for housing, clean water, health, and other very important causes.

According to the Hamilton Family Health Team, between 1,200 and 2,000 children in Hamilton go without food every weekend. As well, Canadians waste 40 per cent of all food produced in the country every year, a general worth of approximately $27 billion.

Fred Losani

Fred Losani

The driving force behind the foundation is Fred Losani, the current owner, as well as his dedicated team of professionals.

“Being able to give back is important to me and my team, as a developer, our entire purpose is to create communities that people want to be a part of,” says Losani. “That means making sure everyone has the opportunity to thrive.”

This dedication to philanthropy continued in earlier 2006, when Fred Losani along with five other prominent business figures raised $1.5 million for local children and families by hiking to the North Pole, and once again in 2008, where they made the trip to the South Pole.

The foundation’s ongoing support of its community earned the Gold Award for Building Community Spirit at the National Association of Home Builders Awards (NAHB).

Moving forward, parent company Losani Homes is poised to play a critical role in addressing a province-wide housing crisis impacting their local communities across the GTA. The need for affordable housing impacts at-risk communities, as the cost of living has caused a strain on many families’ ability to afford a proper home, leaving many having to resort to renting.

According to The Homeless Hub, low and moderate-income households are much more likely to rent their homes. 71 per cent of households with income below $20,000 are renters, compared to only 10 per cent of households with incomes over $100,000.

Losani Homes, a proud voice for housing supply and affordability, is well-equipped to contribute to the development of new housing units that will help address much-needed options for Ontario residents.

Recognizing the urgency of the housing crisis, the team at Losani Homes is steadfast in their commitment to making communities better, both through the parent company and the foundation.

“We at Losani Homes understand the importance of providing diverse housing options to cater to the varying needs of the population,” says Losani. “We plan to work with all levels of government as new legislation takes effect and provide as much community support as humanly possible to address this issue.”