Digital content is the main way companies are connecting with their customers. Knowing where and how to place your content can make the difference between a successful business and a company that goes under the radar. Most of the time, solutions to getting your content out there effectively are simple and just require a bit of research. Let’s take a look at advice from some top business professionals on how to improve your content strategy.

Know What Your Competitors are Doing

To improve your content strategy, it never hurts to see what the competition is up to – even if it’s just for inspiration. When coming up with topics for new blog posts, think about what can truly benefit your target audience, and present that information in a clear, easy-to read way. Additionally, be sure to share your latest blog post on social media so that more people can benefit from its tips or other information.


A content strategy is like a roadmap for your content. By mapping out your topics, formats, and publishing dates, you can better direct the organization and consistency of your content and how it aligns with your business goals. You can start by setting SMART goals for your content. SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely objectives and provide a focus and purpose for each content piece you create.

Next, audit your content by organizing and evaluating your current content to identify gaps, opportunities, or resources you may already have. You can segment content by topics, content format, product lifecycle stage, targeted buyer persona, or buyer’s journey stage. The audit should also include events and activities coming up in your business. This way, you can develop content for your website and social media channels that supports and creates excitement around these events and attracts more visitors.

And the third stage of your content strategy requires in-depth research to map out the steps in the buyer’s journey for each buyer persona. By creating content for each persona’s awareness, consideration, and decision stages, you can lead your interested prospects on their path to purchase.

  • Savannah Scott, Content and Editorial Lead Supergreat

Plan Your Posts Ahead of Time

When planning a content rollout, I would advise having a solid month of posts in your back pocket. I think a big thing that holds up social media growth is that a lot of creators are creating content as they’re posting it. That can work for some individual influencers, but for your business you should have a backlog of content ready to go. Especially if you are pushing a specific campaign.

Make Sure Your Content Reflects Your Business

It can be helpful to have a team of eyes behind your content to make sure it matches with the image of your business. Content that doesn’t reflect your energy will fall flat, and most importantly neither you or your team will be excited to share it.

  • Steve Martocci, Co-Founder and CEO Splice

Know What’s Trending

The best content strategies will revolve around what’s currently trending. Keep your finger on the pulse of your market, and create content that will feed into that particular topic. Remember, content strategies aren’t just for your blog. You’ll also want to put some thought into your social media presence as well.

  • Jordan Duran, CEO and Founder 6 Ice

Use Brand Colors

You can give your content strategy a boost by paying attention to the color scheme of your Instagram page and to make sure that it’s consistent among each post. For example, we tend to stick with beige, white and warm colors in all of our Instagram pictures. Maintaining this cohesive color pattern gives a soothing feeling of consistency for our viewers and it’s a powerful way to represent your brand.

  • Maegan Griffin, CEO, Founder and Nurse Practitioner Skin Pharm

Recycle High Performing Content

Relaunching your high-performing content from over the past few years is a great strategy to increase interest. Check your site’s analytics and identify which blog posts rank highest for metrics like the number of visits and unique visitors, comments, and shares. Then determine which keywords helped visitors find that original blog post and create variations of those keywords so you can appear in broader search results to reach a wider audience.

Make sure that the content is still pertinent to today. Then update each piece with new information or data or create a subtopic. You could also invest a little time into repurposing that blog post into an infographic or a video.

By updating, repurposing, and relaunching your popular posts, you can diversify your content while maximizing your time and effort. In addition, you’ll get a boost in SEO by having multiple pieces of content around the same topic, helping you rank higher in Google and reach a new audience.

  • Harris Rabin, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer R3SET

Diverse Content Types

Make sure you have a variety of content you can pull from. Videos, images, articles and reviews are all useful. Consider putting together a content team to make sure you are hitting all the possible bases for both creating and distributing content.

Content Can be Informational

Love Wellness uses social media platforms to provide informational content to our consumers in a graceful and amusing way. We have a balance of influencer and public relations content as well as comical and aesthetically pleasing content. This allows our marketing team to create a large amount of content and constantly post on our social media pages. We are able to get our message and product out to more consumers, more often which in turn transitions into more sales. By providing funny, casual content we are also insinuating that our followers may share our content with non-followers because it is relatable- hopefully then, those recipients will follow us!

Post Regularly

When it comes to your content strategy, the most important thing is to keep a consistent content calendar. Post on a regular basis, and always write high-quality content that benefits your users. This can include how-to guides, informational blog posts, white papers and more. Also, consider sending out a bi-weekly or monthly newsletter, making it simple for your customers to find your latest content.

Make It Fun!

There is absolutely nothing boring about bright colors and bold advertisements! Our modern take on a traditional Hispanic drink allows us to draw inspiration from many different avenues. Our website and social media content uses the same color scheme as our products to create a cohesive internet presence. Informative content is the best way to provide consumers with the right information regarding our product; we share Mexican traditions, promotional content, and graphically advanced advertisements to properly tie in every aspect of our business.

Stagger Content

Create several pieces of content at once and stagger the posts so that you can push out content on a consistent basis. For example, if you have five blog posts, you can schedule each one to post once per week over the course of five weeks. Audiences will appreciate seeing content on a regular basis and this will increase engagement and conversion.

Set Yourself Apart

To continue keeping our presence online, we have to break through the noise of such a saturated alcoholic beverage industry. What sets us apart is simply that we are different, we deliver the alcoholic beverages to our consumers rather than manufacture them ourselves; two very different types of businesses that use similar content strategies. As a delivery service for many different brands, we have created our own marketing content to showcase our own brand style. By doing this we are able to incorporate comical content and seamlessly post content together. Having your own brand image is important for standing out when the demand for your products is high!

  • Chris Vaughn, CEO and Co-Founder Saucey

Stay in Budget, But Consider Production Value

Production quality goes a long way in today’s world. With so many free tools at our disposal, it shines through. There are a lot of technological options available for free, but putting a small investment into production gear will push your content up a notch. If you are using a smartphone primarily, consider purchasing a stand or attachable microphone to improve stability and audio quality. There are also lenses that can attach to your camera to improve your video quality.

  • Luke Hotchin, Co-Founder Kenzzi

Leverage Existing Content

You can leverage existing content in new ways. For example, if you have an article that you already researched and posted, you can expand on that with a video post. Not only does this save time, but it breathes new life into your content.

Hire An Internal Team

Having an internal network of employees to help with content creation and approval can help take some of the burden off if you are a small business. Consider having a team of younger employees to help advise the best ways to push your content.

Make Interactive Content

Consider making interactive videos. This can really help engage your audience and create familiarity with your brand. Some examples of this are polls, surveys, email lists, and interactive quizzes.

Content Creates Transparency

Our female owned and operated business caters to our consumers through social media. Blinkbar is a luxury lash service; our consumers tirelessly research our services and our competitors’ services to ensure they are making the best choice for their eyelashes. We use our social media to highlight our existing clients’ service reviews and results. By doing so, our consumers are able to see genuine customers review their finished product. Our marketing campaigns are incredibly important for generating new and recurring business.

Determine Your Target Audience

Come up with a customer persona in order to determine who your target audience is. Then you can start to pre-plan your social media and blog posts so that you have enough content to post throughout the week. Write dynamic copy geared towards your target audience while touching on potential pain points or any kind of emotional connections they might feel towards your product or service.

  • Amber Theuer, Chief Marketing Officer ivee

Focus on SEO

A big part of your content strategy should focus on SEO. After all, if your content never ranks and no one sees it, then it can’t be very beneficial to many people. If you’re nowhere near an expert but want to try it on your own, start with your keywords, and place your primary keyword in the H1, first and last paragraphs, and the meta information. That will get you started.

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