Features Of New Math Curriculum for Grades 1-8

Math affects a range of knowledge and talents that we hire daily. For critical thinking, conflict resolution, judgment, and more getting a thorough understanding of math concepts facilitates. Learning math also encourages students to think outside the box, which is both their academic and professional careers will help them in countless ways.

Furthermore, due to a lack of trust, a weak math framework can contribute to math anxiety later in life. When taking exams, this may result in anxiety as well as humiliation when being called to answer a question.


The new program in mathematics is part of a four-year math plan intended to:

  1. Boosting student success in mathematics
  2. Support students overcome regular math issues
  3. Growing the employability of students to achieve potential jobs
  4. Ontario’s math curriculum was last updated in 2005.

Features Of New math curriculum for Grades 1-8

About the new math curriculum

Content and structure

Students found it hard to link learning year to year in the 2005 curriculum. English-language and French-language students have different standards.

There will be strong ties in the 2020 curriculum to illustrate how math skills grow from year to year. In both English and French, there will be one program, the same learning opportunity for all students in Ontario.

Real-life connections

There are obsolete explanations for students in the 2005 curriculum. There will be important, real-life examples in the 2020 curriculum that help relate math to daily life, such as designing infographics, constructing a budget, e-transfers, and learning to code.

Mathematics confidence

Building mathematical trust is indicated in the 2005 curriculum. There will be tools and techniques in the 2020 curriculum that are part of the curriculum to help children build faith, deal with challenges, and think critically.

Financial literacy

The principles of financial literacy in the 2005 curriculum are limited to the simple knowledge of money and coins. Obligatory financial literacy learning in grades 1 to 8 will be included in the 2020 curriculum, including recognizing the importance and use of cash over time, how to maintain financial well-being, and the value of budgeting.

Summary of major knowledge and skills

To prepare students for success now and in the future, the program will teach students basic math skills and relate them to real life. The new curriculum outlines the skills and abilities that are required to be acquired in each grade by students.

It is structured in five areas and teaches and tests social-emotional learning skills and mathematical processes in all fields.


Students learn about the world of numbers and acquire practical skills, including learning facts about basic numbers, such as 5 ⁇ 5 = 25, and how to solve daily mathematical problems.

Students are going to:

  1. Understand basic concepts and talents in all elementary grades so that they are prepared both mentally and on paper to perform meaningful and precise mathematical calculations.
  2. Increase their confidence in various types of numbers-whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and integers-and improve the abilities to use them for a variety of purposes and applications in real life.


Students think about algebraic expressions and trends. Using coding, students evaluate real-life scenarios and apply the mathematical modeling technique.

Students are going to:

  1. Mathematical modeling will be implemented and how mathematics can be used to better understand and make predictions about real life.
  2. As students deal with patterns, relationships, and expressions, they acquire algebraic reasoning skills in the grades.


Far more than the’ how to’ of basic arithmetic, a good math program can teach. With a full scope and sequence, it can help children learn basic math concepts and abilities, such as math facts. A detailed, interactive math program that applies to all state requirements is provided by the Homeschool curriculum.

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