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Invoice invoices Graphic Designers

As a graphic designer, your invoice is also a reflection of your creativity

For any graphic designer, his work is a piece of art that he creates for his clients. However, apart from that, the graphic designers have to tackle the issue of payments something which cannot be processed without the presence of an appropriate invoice.

For someone working in this field creating an invoice also reflects his creativity and here we talk about Invoices for graphic designers and tips to help prepare them.

  • You must include your own contact details like email addresses, full address and telephone number in the invoice. Then add the name of the company for whom the work has been done. Make sure that the address you mention is the same as the address of the person you were dealing with.
  • List all the other important information that you need to share. This includes the name of a project, invoice date, work completion date, client’s order number, and the invoice number as well.
  • A description of all the kinds of work you have done should be mentioned next. From starting to end please write down every bit of work you have done i.e. if you want the invoice processing to be done correctly. Make sure to include any travel expenses, telephone charges that you accrued and giving bills to prove your invoice is correct.
  • Write down the pending payment due. If there are any past payments pending any you wish to add them here you must specify that overhead separately. Apart from that, if there are any state taxes that you need to pay then you would have to do so. You may not be able to make any changes to the invoice once it is sent hence be careful with what you are entering.
  • Mention the payment terms as to how and when you want the same to be processed. Are you going to charge late fees on the invoice if payment is delayed? You will also have to write the mode of payment i.e., bank transfer, credit card payment or any other mode. The payment terms should be clear so that you do not have to haggle with the client later on.
  • Design the invoice following your work philosophy. You may have a particular format that you follow with all your clients. However, since you are designing professional if you design the invoice well it acts as proof of your work style. In other words, you not only arrange for your payment to be completed but also show the client a glimpse into your designing skills.

For a graphic designer finding time to chase his payments is very difficult, Hence making sure that the invoice clears all the doubts also ensures that the payment is done without much running around. Follow the above tips if you want your relationship with your client to remain smooth and make an impression on his mind at the same time. Just a little discretion from your side is sufficient for your business to progress smoothly and gather you, profitable clients, as well.

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