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Engagement rings symbolize a lifetime commitment, but just because diamonds mean forever doesn’t mean your ring has to have one. Some people love diamonds, but some people prefer a different look. For those who want to look away from diamonds, there are many engagement rings featuring different stones to choose from.

Whether you’re planning on a custom engagement ring in Toronto or you would rather shop from the jewellery case, there are some incredible rings with alternative stones, and one of them might be the right choice for you.

But how do you make the decision? If you have a favourite gemstone, that’s a good place to start, but whether you do or don’t have a favourite gem, there are some factors to keep in mind when choosing a ring.

Diamonds have been the engagement stone of choice for decades, and while that’s partly due to a successful marketing campaign in the 1930s, they’ve remained on top for good reasons. While you might be tempted to choose any stunning stone, remember to keep the following in mind as you select your engagement stone.

Think About Your Lifestyle

Diamonds have remained the top choice for engagement rings in part because of how well they handle the practicalities of daily life. Diamonds are at a 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, a scale that identifies minerals and compares their resistance to scratching.

In daily life, it’s natural for your hand to bump up against things. If you have a particularly active lifestyle or work with your hands a lot, your ring will have a lot to contend with. Different people have different lifestyles, and everyone will have different needs for their ring, but some popular stones are easily scratched, so they are only suitable for jewellery that isn’t worn on the hand regularly.

When looking for an engagement stone, it’s best to look at rings with a hardness of at least 8. Some of these stones include moissanite (9.25), sapphires (9), rubies (9), and topaz (8).

Think About Your Personal Style

More and more, couples are choosing to infuse their own styles into elements of their engagement and wedding. A different stone can be a perfect way to accomplish this. For people who prefer bright and bold looks, alternative gems can be a better way to express yourself and your relationship.

While many people think of stones like sapphires as having one particular look, they actually come in a variety of colours, which opens up many options. Sapphires come in that classic rich blue colour, but also black, pink, purple, yellow and orange. Rubies are actually made of the same mineral as sapphires (corundum) and are another stunning choice.

Moissanite, which has a similar look to diamonds, also features fancy colours, including blue, yellow, purple, pink, gold, and green. While topaz is most commonly thought of as blue, it is also available in colours like yellow, green and orange.

There is a lot of variety with these stones, which gives anyone looking for an alternative stone plenty of opportunity to find one that truly speaks to their own personal style.

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