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Protecting data privacy is essential for every company. It ensures that malicious actors can’t use all critical information you’re keeping for identity theft or other nefarious purposes. Therefore, it is essential to safeguard your documents from a data breach by having the ideal security measures to destroy confidential documents adequately.

Shredding papers containing sensitive data is one of the best ways to protect your information. To keep your company data secure when destroying your documents or storage devices, outsource the job to an expert in document destruction.

Reasons Proper Document Destruction Matter

You need to work with a secure and reliable document destruction company for several reasons. Breach of company data and identity theft is not only limited to online hacking. All documents containing sensitive information are always at risk of getting stolen if they don’t go through proper destruction.

There are five benefits of securely destroying important documents through industrial shredders:

Secure Business Data

Using office shredders does not provide your company with the same level of security as industry shredders. They are not only better at handing your sensitive documents. They also comply with privacy laws that protect all your critical information.

Save Time and Money

Getting help from a shredding service provider can save your company precious time destroying essential documents containing confidential information. You can boost your team’s productivity by taking these tasks off your employees’ plates and letting them focus on more vital duties.

Convenient and Hassle-Free

Shredding documents in the office can be quite a hassle as you’d need to contend with all the shredded papers after. Depending on your needs, professional shredding services can take this burden off your back by offering onsite or offsite destruction of records.


Outsourcing the shredding of documents can help your company be environmentally friendly. Document destruction companies do not only provide the benefits of shredding your essential papers. They also recycle these after. Essentially, shredding your documents through industrial shredding can reduce your carbon footprint while saving electricity.

Peace of Mind

With its central business districts in cities such as Toronto, Canada takes data privacy seriously. As a result, the country has the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act or PIPEDA, which was put into law to protect sensitive information in documents and electronic devices. So hiring a company that specializes in document destruction in Toronto can give you peace of mind. You can ensure that critical data are in safe hands upon the destruction of all your papers and other business collateral.

Considerations in Choosing a Document Destruction Company

When searching for the best document destruction company, it is also crucial that you are aware of the city’s regulations on proper waste disposal, including electronic waste.

Here are several things you need to check out:

  • The company has an excellent reputation
  • Fair understanding of relevant laws on document destruction, such as the retention period required by the CRA
  • Well-trained and certified personnel
  • Have secured containers to protect your document until destroyed
  • A secured area where the papers will be shredded
  • Recycle all shredded documents

With the rise of identity theft and data breach cases, it is essential to consider how to properly destroy your company’s sensitive documents. Shredding alone does not guarantee that your data isn’t at risk of falling into the wrong hands.

Therefore, it is vital to ensure that the destruction of your information is handled correctly. Getting the help of professional shredding services can give you peace of mind while improving productivity in your company and saving you precious time and money.

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