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If you feel like you are ready to move into a C-suite role, it’s important to be strategic about your search job search process. An executive role comes with immense responsibility and requires extensive experience. Employers are extra careful when adding an executive member to their team, as the candidate must be qualified to oversee critical business tasks.

Given the importance of hiring the right candidate, employers may be picky about who they interview for the role. When seeking your first executive role, you may need to go the extra mile to make your applicant stand out. The good news is some Canadian companies are willing to work with new executives. Consider the following strategies to successfully land your first executive role in almost any Canadian city.

Demonstrate Your Abilities

The employer needs to identify the value of bringing you to the team, especially if this is your first executive role. Take the time to clearly outline how your past experiences have prepared you for this new role. This involves being descriptive on your resume and cover letter to highlight your previous roles and responsibilities. Look into the job posting for the new role and explain how your previous experience can help you perform well in your new job.

Your resume and cover letter may have limited space, so it’s essential to be prepared for the interview. Carefully listen to the questions and provide examples from your past experiences to demonstrate your abilities and experience.

Find a Mentor

Mentors aren’t only helpful for school or college students. Individuals seeking a C-level role can benefit from a mentor providing guidance and connections. Some C-level executives stay in touch with their mentors throughout their careers, which is a great way to stay motivated and continue learning.

Find someone you can look up to and who may be willing to guide you as a first-time executive. You can speak to college professors, managers at your previous jobs, or a friend or family in a high-level position. All these professionals can offer their expertise as they had to go through the same process as you to get where they are now.

Connect with an Executive Search Firm

Finding an executive role and successfully landing the job can be challenging for many. Connect with an executive search firm to streamline the process and get access to jobs that may not be posted on public job boards.

Reach out to IQ Partners, Canada’s leading executive search firm, and share your vision with their specialized team of recruiters. They have extensive knowledge about employers and have the tools to match you with a suitable company. Once you register with the agency, the industry specialists will help you find a role based on the sector. You will have access to a qualified team with hands-on experience, saving you the time and hassle of applying to roles that aren’t suitable for you.

Prioritize Networking

There is no better way to get your foot in the door than networking—the more people you know, the more your chances of exposure to employers. Your professional network can introduce you to more people, offer a personal referral when a job posting comes up, and offer insight into the industry.

Studies show that at least 70 percent of jobs are not published or advertised publicly, so how are these positions filled? The statistic indicates that many positions are filled through networking. When employers find the right employees through people they know, they don’t feel the need to seek elsewhere. In some cases, the positions may also get filled with the help of recruitment agencies who keep the vacancy private.

Landing your first executive role can seem overwhelming, but being strategic throughout the process can help you secure your dream job and accelerate your career.

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