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Having an online shopping site can be a good business. However, before you start to enjoy the perks and see sales coming in, you need traffic first. And before traffic even comes in, you need to establish your site as trustworthy and reliable. Online users are too meticulous to give away their trust and support easily. Thus, you need to do your best to earn their trust. We will share some tips to achieve this goal.

Tip 1: Have an SSL certificate

SSL certificate allows secure connections from a web server to a browser. You will know that a website has SSL certificate if you see the URL name with activated padlock and the https protocol. Many online users specifically look for this so they know that all their personal and especially billing details are safe most especially that they are entering credit card information and other sensitive details when shopping online.

Tip 2: Provide complete About Us and Contact Us pages

It is important to introduce yourself and your company to your visitors. Also, be sure to list down all contact details including phone number, email address, office address and even social media accounts. Online users want to know how they can reach you in case they have questions or concerns.

Tip 3: Offer high quality products

You should take high consideration the products and services that you offer on your website. If you want people to trust you then be honest with your products. You should include description and high quality images.

Tip 4: Do not overpromise and do not mislead

Speaking of being honest, it is important to understand that overpromising will do no good for your business. Do not oversell your products to the point that you are telling lies. Also, do not be misleading especially when it comes to promotions.

Tip 5: Present a simple to follow “how to” guide

It is also your responsibility as site owner to guide users on how your site works – how they can place their order, pay and of course, receive the products. It is advisable to come up with complete and easy to understand step-by-step guidelines. You can do video tutorial, infographics or a point by point guide.

Tip 6: Have a chat support on your website

We cannot blame how some online shoppers can be particular about the products they buy. They may have a lot of questions before they buy so it is best that you have a real-time chat support to attend to these queries. It will make them feel at ease that they can talk to customer service real time especially when they encounter any problem or difficulty.

Providing high quality customer service is very important in running a business, including an online shopping site. You need to gain their trust so they will continue on supporting your site and recommend you with their friends and family too. Keeping your customers happy and satisfied is a way to achieve success.

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