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How To Pick The Best Types Of Clothing For Working Out

Choosing the right clothing for workouts or playing sports is important to get right

Working out is difficult for most. It isn’t always the most comfortable thing to do to jump and squat and then do it again but faster.

With the wrong clothing, it is even harder to do. They can constrict your movement so your form is way off. They can rub you raw in places that make the rest of your day uncomfortable. And, they can trap your sweat and weigh you down.

Choosing the right clothing for workouts or playing sports is pretty important to get right.

In this article, I will go over many things to consider before hitting the gym. With the right clothing, you’ll love working out!

Types of fabric

The best t-shirt fabric for doing any activity when you sweat is something that wicks moisture away from your skin and allows it to evaporate.

At all costs avoid cotton. It absorbs your sweat and it doesn’t wick it away to be evaporated. It gets heavy, sticks to your skin. There are many benefits to wearing cotton, just not for sports and working out. As comfortable as it is when doing your daily routine, it is equally uncomfortable when working out.

Instead, go with clothing made from nylon, spandex, bamboo, and polypropylene (Polyester). These materials will allow the perspiration to pass through the fibers so it doesn’t get as wet. Your body temperature is better able to regulate itself when your skin isn’t covered with a wet cloth.

Form and fit

Whether you are going to the gym or doing yoga at home, your clothing needs to fit the activity. There are times when they should be baggy, and times when they need to be form-fitting.

Match the type of clothing to the workout. Wearing skin-tight leggings and a form-fitting shirt work for doing yoga, but not if you are doing capoeira, for instance. Even when you wear tight clothing, the material should be stretchy. Nylon is very good to wear for when you need the clothing to stretch with your movements.

Make sure you are also matching the clothing to your body type. If you have a large chest, then a sports bra that doesn’t fit well is going to make things worse. Plus size or petite, you should shop according to your body and not something generic.


It doesn’t matter what workout gear you end up with if your underwear is not right. I mentioned the sports bra in the last section. It is really important to have one that fits well and is a material that won’t chafe under your arms as you move around.

Even panties and underwear should wick away moisture. The fit should be tight so that they don’t bunch up and chafe your skin. Thongs are not a good idea so look for something like boy short style underwear that wraps around your buttocks. Biker shorts are also something that stay put when you are moving around.

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