Many people are suffering from sleep apnea/insomnia, back pain, arthritis, and neck pain. These are the major reasons for people not being able to sleep peacefully. An adjustable mattress is capable of giving support to the legs & head. It can also help you to deal with alleviating pain & discomfort.


Research has been done to identify what may be the ideal position of your body while sleeping. And it has been suggested that elevating your legs above the level of your heart, will alleviate the pressure from your joints and the angle between your thighs & torso. Keeping the head in an elevated position can help get quality sleep, and also relieve headaches due to increased blood flow.

”Zero Gravity” adjustable bed is a new option to cope up with your issues of interrupted sleep. This does not mean that your body will float while being in a zero-gravity setting of your adjustable bed. This simply means alleviating the pressure on your body. It is a ”weightless” position of your body that helps you to relax your body, relieve your pain, and improve your overall health. Zero gravity settings for adjustable comfort are the necessity for better & sound sleep. It can help you get better sleep in various health conditions.

What is Zero Gravity?

Zero Gravity occurs when the torso (central part of your body) is properly angled with the thighs and lower legs positioned above the heart. Your knees are bent with the level of your chest. The Head is also elevated slightly above your heart. This makes your body weight evenly distributed. In this position, your body is evenly distributed, and your spine remains as it is.

  • 120-degree angle bend at the hips puts your body in the ”zero stress zone”.
  • Spines are decompressed, and the muscles are relaxed.
  • Airway & Nasal passages are opened.
  • Elevated legs reduce stress on the heart.
  • Heart & Stomach are slightly below the head and knees.

How to Adjust to a Zero Gravity Position?

There are options of pre-set in selective/advance stage adjustable beds where you can adjust your adjustable bed in zero gravity mode. If you are suffering from backache or pain in joints, this option is much more feasible & easier.

If your adjustable bed does not have this option of pre-set, you can try another option. You can program your zero gravity and save one or two positions on electric bed frames. You can fix the angles that you need to experience the most comfortable sleep.

Beds with Zero-Gravity Pre-set:

With the Preset option, you can set up your adjustable bed on the Zero-Gravity program. Your adjustable bed may have a remote or Bluetooth. By using the remote, you can simply press the button for the desired angle or there may be a one-click option of Zero Gravity. You can use your smartphone by connecting the devices through Bluetooth and pre-set your adjustable bed on zero gravity. Your remote may have a save option for your favorite positions so that you can save your preferred positions.

Adjustable beds which do not have a Pre-set option:

Initially, adjustable beds did not come with pre-set options. Zero-Gravity pre-set could be done by using the electric frames manually. To set up zero gravity manually, you can adjust the frame in a way that your upper body makes the angle of 120-degree with your thighs. Knees are to be bent at an angle that they remain above heart level. The pressure would be then relieved from your neck, back, shoulders and legs. You may call this position the zero gravity position.

Benefits of Zero Gravity Position:

sleeping in bed

  • These adjustable bed frames with the Zero gravity option are the best ways of getting sound sleep. You can get multiple health benefits by getting sound sleep especially when you are not fit and facing some health issues. Using these beds can help you alleviate different types of pain.
  • Some people are facing health issues and are forced to spend maximum time in bed, who are not able to walk, pregnant ladies, and people with chronic diseases. It is quite uncomfortable for them to use flat mattresses in these conditions and adjustable beds with zero gravity position are the best choice for them.
  • When your heart needs regular circulation of blood rich with oxygen, this position helps a lot. A flat mattress can pressurize the heart while sleeping. By laying in this position, easy blood circulation allows the heart to work efficiently.
  • With the zero-gravity position, your legs are elevated which efficiently enables blood circulation and it can reduce the swelling of the legs. Better blood circulation can help to maintain high blood pressure and diabetes.
  • When asthmatic people have severe mucus in the chest, secretions drip into breathing passages and disturbs your breathing. Coughing & wheezing in the night causes sleep difficulty. Elevating your head reduces airway obstruction and can ease asthma flare-ups.
  • Those suffering from some form of arthritis can get relief by using an adjustable bed. The basic concept of reducing joint pain is to alleviate pressure on your joints and that can be achieved by getting a bed that is at a zero-gravity position. Getting in & out of bed is easy in this kind of sleep position, and can reduce the pressure off joints.
  • Incorrect posture & poor support while sleeping can elevate the pressure in your spine. Pressure on the sciatic nerve can also cause elevated back pain. Adjustable bed frames can help you to adjust your spine while sleeping and reduce the pressure which helps to reduce the pain on your back. Some adjustable beds may have lumbar support which supports the lower back.

Besides these, you can add more accessories like various kinds of split king mattresses, hand wash pillows, etc. Split king mattresses are the best choice for adjustable beds and hand wash pillows are the best ones for getting hygienic comfort for those who are facing health issues.

Along with a quality bed and mattress, the hygiene of the bed, the cushions, the duvets, and pillows also matter a lot in providing better sleep. Pillows are essential for having a good sleep. We use pillows not only for the bed but also for hugging. A dirty pillow can cause rashes and allergies to the skin. You must keep your pillows clean and always use hand-wash pillows so that you can wash them with your own hands to your satisfaction. Hand washing your pillows means you are getting sure that there is not a single speck of dust left on your pillows.

Bottom Line

In this new era, every product is being sold for the comfort of their customers. Adjustable beds are one of the best ways to keep your body in proper alignment so that you don’t have to face basic health problems. It is easy to maintain and use their pre-set options devices for those as well as manual programmed options.

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