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There was a point when a career in graphic designing was unheard of. But today that’s not the case anymore. Graphic design is seen as a rewarding career option in today’s time. Many students are showing an inclination towards graphic design as there is a huge scope of growth and learning. Today, it is used in every industry be it tech, fashion, food, advertising, sports, etc. Businesses have realised the importance of design. A good visually appealing design can say a lot about the brand and gain interest and attention among the people. Aesthetics can make or break the brand. This is why every brand needs a good graphic designer.

How to start your career as a graphic designer?

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A good graphic designer can weave out a beautiful, emotional story out of the design. To become an ace in graphic design, you need to develop your skills and be updated with the latest trends. But the most important thing you need to have is an immense love and passion for design. Remember, it takes time to cement a strong position as a designer in the industry but with the right amount of focus and skill set, you can grow very quickly. If you are a budding designer and want to start a career in graphic designing, then given below are some pointers you should take into consideration:

  • Check whether it is the right calling for you

Graphics design sounds very cool and glamorous. But there is a lot of hard work and dedication that goes behind into dishing out that perfect design. Make sure you are ready to put in that much effort. Consult a career counsellor to further guide and assist you with your career plan. Research about this profession and talk to the people who are a part of the industry to get an overall understanding of the profession. This will help you to know whether you are the right fit for the industry or not.

  • Study a lot

What I mean by this, gain detailed knowledge about the industry. Read about the designing trends, campaigns, social media posts, marketing campaigns, etc. Check out blogs and videos on Youtube, Skillshare, etc. to learn about the basics of design and know about the industry in general.

  • Join a design school

While it is true that you can learn about graphic design through videos and classes, design school does help you to gain both theoretical and practical understanding of the subject as you get taught under design experts and also get opportunities to have a real-life industry experience. Many times, a good tag of a reputed institution can help you secure a better, well-paid job in the industry. Research about the colleges and check out the cost, prospects and opportunities for the course.

  • Take an internship

Internships are really helpful to make you understand how the industry works. You will get to work on various projects for different brands, learn to deal with clients and work under tight deadlines. For example, you can join a gaming company where design forms one of the important components. You get the responsibility for designing a particular segment of a casino website, say, for example, scratch cards. You have to create a good visual interface so that the aesthetics can instantly catch the eye of the players. For gaining inspiration about how a scratch card website looks like, log onto

  • Try out many career options

What this means is that you can start as a designer at a company or work as a freelancer. See which one is viable and suitable for you and plan accordingly. It is suggested to work for a brand first to get some experience and then jump into freelance. But again this is a personal choice and solely depends on you. So choose wisely.

If you successfully forge a fulfilling career in graphic design, you will make tons of money and create a name and identity for yourself. So make sure to consider these points to start your journey as a graphic designer.

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