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First of all, many of us have no idea that what is an IVC filter so; an IVC filter is a small basket-like device that is put in the inferior vena cava (IVC) for the purpose of fixing there and catching blood clots, while still letting blood flow through the filter. But sometimes these filters can have problems if the device pierces the vena cava and it can cause several injuries such as, organ damage or internal bleeding. A device fracture can cause some most possible injuries because here, a piece of the device breaks off and it is not attached to any other thing and this can probably result in some serious injuries. If a person believes that he got an injury after the use of IVC filter then he can directly contact a lawyer in this case, in order to discuss the damages caused to him and how he should claim and get the possible compensation for it. If you have faced any injury due to this reason, then you can immediately contact IVC Filter Lawsuit as they can help you in this situation.

IVC filtersSometimes IVC filters can get unsafe for people as the wrong placement or movement of the device can cause some solemn injuries, as if the device is not placed on the right location then it would not perform its job in a correct way. People may experience a device failure which as a result causes injuries. Some people get successful in removing the device immediately after its failure and in this way; they get safe from any long-term damage. However, some people could not remove it, as the device becomes so rooted that people are unable to surgically remove it. In this way, they get stuck with the failed device and it creates several problems and causes injuries to that person in future.

There are different types of injuries which may occur due to the device’s failure and among them, some are as follows:

  • Pulmonary Embolisms

People are simply told that there is a filter which would be easily retrievable, but later on they learn that the filter cannot be retrieved due to some reasons. This then poses a risk in some situations, to actually nurturing or creating pulmonary embolisms, which is the problem due to which this filter was designed, so that it can prevent people from this condition. People have to then live with this device permanently implanted in them and this can further create problems in future and there are more chances of further injuries due to this.

  • Perforation of IVC

Perforation of the inferior vena cava can cause different injuries and this can take place due to the result of those IVC filters. It can cause problems, such as threatening vessels, organs or piercing the aorta, spine or other veins.

  • Cardiac Issues

There are people who had unexpected cardiac death or heart attacks due to these filters because struts have migrated and pierced their heart or their lungs due to which they had a sudden death.

  • Piercing Renal Vein

There are few cases discovered in which IVC filter pierced patients renal vein, which in turn created internal bleeding, eventually causing sepsis. One might expect similar issues such as internal bleeding, organ damage or some related problems, whenever an internal organ gets punctured.

People should straight away contact a law firm whenever they get an injury due to these IVC filters, as firms would help them in getting compensation which they deserve for the injury caused to them.

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