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Whilst some may own their cannabis farm, others may go to a nearby store to get some. Regardless of your method, everyone faces the same problem when it comes to preserving the product to maintain its quality, whether you are rolling yourself or prefer to get pre-rolled, a joint has to be kept fresh so you can use it whenever it is required. Keeping it in an airtight container can prevent staleness but what is the best way to do this. Custom pre-roll packaging has become all of the rage in recent times and as such is worth investing in. This article will explore a few different ideas.


Whilst it may not seem like a big deal to leave your pre-rolls out, it can deeply affect the quality and effects of your cannabis. If you have let your product, go stale, you may find that the roll will burn faster and that the marijuana hits you harder than regular. This is because the product will have dried up and become more flammable. Additionally, you may find that your pre-roll develops molds making it dangerous to use. The best solution is to purchase storage options.

Pre-roll tubes

Pre-roll tubes are made so as to store both standard and cone-shaped pre-rolls. They often come with child-resistant seals and are designed to preserve freshness, lengthen potency and protect the pre-roll from damage. They are often low-cost and are readily available on the market. Additionally, they are usually smell-proof, containing the odor of the cannabis in the tube. These are usually quite cheap and easy to find in a variety of designs.

Airtight bottles

If you are just looking for a functional piece of equipment, then airtight bottles are the way to go. Any airtight bottle or jar can do the job and some pop-top bottles have been designed recently to have more of an aesthetic appeal. These are most effective if you are looking to store a large number of pre-rolls. If you combine an airtight bottle with a moisture pack, you can ensure that your product stays fresher for longer.

Cigar tubes

These are great to use if you have a spare one lying around. Not only will you get quite a unique-looking case, but most cigar tubes were also designed to prevent moisture from seeping in and maintaining an airtight environment. This can really improve the life expectancy of your pre-roll. As well as this, they are often one of the sturdier options on the market. Due to the size difference between cigars and pre-rolls, you can even store multiple in the same tube. The only downside is that your joint may develop a smoky odor if the cigar tube is used.


Losing your product because of poor storage is annoying, especially when there are so many cheap and fun options out there. As long as the casing is sturdy, waterproof, and airtight, there are no limitations in how you can store your pre-rolls.

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