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There are many people who aspire to be in the medical field. The ultimate goal of a medical career is to help save lives and heal others. There are countless careers and positions in the medical field that many people don’t think about. We all know about doctors, surgeons, dentists, and nurses, but there are many more occupations involved in the daily workings of hospitals, care clinics, and other medical environments.

When thinking about a career, it is always good to think about what kind of life you want to live and what you want to spend it doing, but it is also good to think about what is unusual. You can take your career to the next level by branching out and thinking about doing something out of the box. Sometimes the most unusual jobs pay the most and allow for the most flexibility. In the medical field, there are many careers that don’t get discussed or thought about. Here is a list of some of the usual positions in medicine.


A perfusionist is a position that operates the machinery that aids those who have had issues with their heart and lungs. These machines are used to take over the functions of the lungs and heart during that surgery. You must know how to operate and utilize these machines as well as troubleshoot any issues there may be. This position requires a Certified Clinical Perfusionist credential and are usually on an on-call schedule.

Perfusionists do not work full time as there aren’t always patients that need a machine to replace their lungs or heart. This isn’t a usual job because the circumstances that require it doesn’t occur frequently as other issues.

The salary for this position is in the $100,000s and you are only required to attain an associates degree or something equivalent. Because this position comes with risks the salary rate is extremely high.


Urology is the study of issues and conditions with the body through urine analysis. Urologists is definitely a position that people don’t discuss or think of due to what it focuses on. Most people who aspire to obtain a position in the medical field don’t like to think about the less appealing positions and careers. Urologists help treat diseases in the urinary tract and even perform surgeries.

Urologists work in various medical environments, from hospitals to urology clinics. Their main focus is on the workings of the urinary tract system which consists of kidneys, uterus, bladder, urethra, and adrenal glands. They also focus on the male reproductive system and can treat issues and conditions that involve male urinary parts.

You must obtain a four-year degree to obtain a urologist position and you must complete four years of medical school. Training then continues as you do four or five years in a medical hospital. A position that takes time and effort usually means you must attain tremendous skills and knowledge.


Orthotists are physicians who focus on the muscles of patients. They evaluate patients and analyze their strength. These professionals are called when one is having issues with their muscles or need assistance with their strength. Orthotics help patients in finding the proper orthotics and devices for people who have disabilities and conditions that limit the muscles of their limbs and spine.

Some of the most popular types of prosthetics you may see are:

Transtibial amputation (below the knee)
Transfemoral amputation (above the knee)
Trans-radial amputation (below the elbow)
Transhumeral amputation (above the elbow)

This position is often known as prosthetists or certified prosthetists orthotics as they deal with man-made body parts. This is a rather important and rewarding position in the medical field. It is usually overlooked as prospective careers for those who are looking because it may seem weird. Being around artificial limbs can create an uncomfortable environment for some people so this job will remain unusual and unthought of.


Pedorthists are professionals who work with the feet of patients. They are responsible for creating customized footwear for patients that have specific foot issues and needs. Those who have flat feet, bunions, and hammertoes usually visit a Pedorthist for assistance on their health issues. Even aware diabetics who develop foot complications have to visit a Pedorthist for proper care.

These professionals study the anatomy of the foot, biomechanics, and construction of shoes. They can modify shoes and other footwear to the fitting of their patients with special materials, fabrications, and other materials.

A bachelor’s degree is usually required to hold the position of a pedorthist. This career is usually never thought about and most people aren’t knowledgeable on its existence. You don’t usually see these professionals as they are only needed on special occasions or specific illnesses.

Wound-Care Specialist

Wound-care specialists are important in the process of a patient’s wound healing. You may think these professionals work in hospitals only, but they even take trips to homes and treat patients there. These careers are focused on the infected tissue of a wound and those who develop bed sores. This job can seem like one of the unsettling jobs in the medical field as you deal with open wounds and nasty sores. Most people who want to be in the medical field want to help save lives but aren’t happy with cleaning infected wounds and sores.

Bed sores are actually more prominent in the population than we think and this is why it is important for these specialists to exist. The care of these professionals is more important to the well being of patients with bed sores as they help ensure the prevention of death. Wound specialists make about $500 a day and are needed at nursing homes and hospitals across the nation.

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