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The holidays are here, and that means New Year’s Eve is right around the corner. If you’re like one-quarter of Americans, you and your spouse are likely thinking about things you want to change heading into the new year. But did you know that just two weeks after January 1st, over thirty percent of them have broken their resolutions? We all know it takes teamwork to make the dream work, and who better to be an accountability partner than your spouse? If you and your partner are ready to keep your resolutions this year, why not pick the same one and be each other’s support to stay committed? Thankfully, Salt Lake City makes enjoying life and accomplishing goals easy with all it offers. Keep reading inspiration on the perfect new year’s resolutions for married couples in Salt Lake.

Healthy Habits

The holidays and the new year fall in the middle of the cold and flu season. If you and your spouse have children, you’re likely all too familiar with how many viruses come home from daycare and school with your kids and get passed to the two of you. Some healthy habits this new year could go a long way in staying healthy without living in a bubble. Upping your supplement routine and eating a nutritious diet are some of the best things you can do to keep your immune system in top shape. Commit to eating out less and cooking healthy meals at home. Plan your shopping lists and take turns cooking together to create these cornerstone healthy habits that will last all year.

Sober Living

We celebrate during the holiday season and most enjoy champagne as we ring in the new year. But, maybe you and your spouse have recognized this last year that you’re enjoying alcohol more than you’d like to be or more than is considered healthy. You’re not alone in this realization; around a quarter of American adults struggle with alcohol. Committing together to being alcohol-free is easier when you have an accountability partner in your husband or wife. Sober living in Utah is easy as there are options for help and treatment regardless of your drinking spectrum. Enter the new year with a clear head together and keep the momentum going through the year by attending meetings and taking advantage of local and online resources to better your chances of success.

Lose the Weight Together

Studies have shown that it is easier for men to lose weight than women, but you both will still reap the benefits of weight loss. Incorporate healthy eating habits and plenty of sleep along with regular exercise. The key to sticking with exercise programs is to find a form of physical exercise you enjoy. While one may enjoy strength training and the other high intensity, you can remain committed to weight loss resolution by finding other forms to do together. From walking Bonneville Shoreline Trail to couples classes at Centered City Yoga, or even side-by-side Pelotons, there are countless ways to get fit and stay fit together in the city.

Stay Connected All Year

For many married couples, their New Year’s resolution is to reignite the flame that brought them together. We all know the statistics around divorce so working on your relationship is a common resolution. Whether you need more quality time together, couples therapy, or more physical touch, there are plenty of ways to get the spark back. Date nights are easy at Capitol Theater or the Redwood Drive-in Theater. The holiday season is a hectic time of year, so getting away to a romantic B&B like The Anniversary Inn at the beginning of the new year is a great start to reconnecting. By prioritizing your relationship, you can be sure you’ll spend many more “new years” together.

There are so many things to enjoy as a married couple, especially in a gorgeous state like Utah, and accomplishing goals is one of them. New Year’s resolutions can be intimidating for many people, but with your spouse by your side, you’ll have a much greater chance at success. Keep each other motivated by leaving each other encouraging notes, text messages, and small rewards for sticking with it. You’ll grow as a couple and can add this to another milestone the two of you have passed together. Happy New Year!

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