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If you experience problems writing your latest essay in high school or college, it doesn’t mean that you should give up and resign to receiving a poor grade. There are plenty of online resources that can significantly improve the quality of a paper you will submit to your teacher or professor, and in this article, we will cover some of them.

Project Gutenberg

What should you do if you have an urgent essay to write, but in order to do this you need a rare book, and you don’t even know if your college library has it? If you ask yourself, “What can help me write my essay for me in this situation?” the answer can come in the form of a resource containing a host of texts that may come in handy for your studies. Project Gutenberg is one such website, containing more than 56,000 books whose copyright has expired, which will be especially useful for literature and English language students.

The easiest and sometimes the most efficient way to deal with your essay problems is to simply visit a reliable writing agency and ask for assistance. When chosen correctly, such a service can take a significant load off your shoulders, freeing up your time and giving you an opportunity to dedicate it to other activities. is one of the better known companies offering assistance of this kind and has a good reputation for almost always delivering its assignments on time and providing writing of singular quality.


How often have you sat down to put some serious effort into writing an essay, only to discover yourself mindlessly browsing Facebook or watching cat videos on YouTube twenty minutes later? When you cannot concentrate, it seems that whatever you do, you end up wasting your time doing something useless. Usually, people have just a few websites that account for 80 percent of all the time they waste on the Internet – and tools like Leechblock are created to help you deal with this addiction. Set up times during which these websites will be unavailable for you and wholeheartedly dedicate these periods to work!


There are a few things that are more detrimental to the impression produced by an essay than grammar and spelling mistakes. Even if you manage to make some outstandingly original observations and present a number of fascinating ideas in your writing, it will be hard to take them seriously if you mix up tenses or misspell words every now and then. Online grammar checkers like GrammarCheck serve to rectify the situation, helping you to greatly improve the overall quality of your writing, especially if you know yourself to be prone to grammatical errors.


Quite often, when you write an essay, you find yourself in need of checking some fact or another. You may either need to check if something you’ve read or heard somewhere is true or find a fact that would support your point of view. RefDesk can help you in this endeavor – it has an enormous collection of reference materials at its disposal, as well as databases you can freely search through, and other resources, many of which are unavailable anywhere else. If you need facts, RefDesk is the place to look for them.

Wikipedia may be an extremely useful and versatile tool, it is quick to react to changes in the world and current events, but its strengths are its weaknesses as well – it is written and edited by anonymous individuals, and you have absolutely no guarantee that the article you’ve been reading has any grounding in reality. is a useful alternative to this: it may not be as fast to adapt to changes, but it takes its results from more than 100 reputable and verified sources (encyclopedias and dictionaries) you can safely cite and be sure about their trustworthiness.

The Internet is rife with useful tools and resources that can make writing an essay a much easier task for you than it currently is. You just have to know where to look for them and how to use them – and the websites from our list are a good place to start.

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