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Many people wish they could give more time and effort to their faith. For some, that can seem impossible. Whether it’s work, family, or school, you might find life gets in the way of attending your local church or even praying regularly enough. That doesn’t have to be the case, though – here’s how to practice religion while maintaining a busy schedule.

Join Church Livestreams

Churches tend to have designated times for service, and that doesn’t always coincide well with people’s schedules. Luckily, technology has brought with it a whole new way of practicing faith. With live church streams, you can attend your service without having to physically be there, which saves a bunch of time. Livestreams services from ensure that everyone, no matter how busy they are, can attend church.

Pray Before Bed

You might have a busy schedule throughout the day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spare at least five minutes for prayer before bedtime. Tie it into your daily schedule the same way you do with brushing your teeth and doing your skincare routine, and you will find that you always have time for prayer. It’s the perfect way of finishing the day, and it might even help relax you for sleep.

Make Religious Friends

Practicing faith is always easier when like-minded individuals surround you. That doesn’t mean everyone you associate with should have the same faith, but it helps to have some circles that practice the same religion as you do. That way, you can get involved with religious events while hanging out with your friends, which balances your faith with your social life.

Practice Gratitude Throughout the Day

You might not have time to attend church or read the full bible, but you can practice gratitude throughout the day. Be more mindful about the little things in life, like the glimpse of the sun that shines on you after a tough day or the person who lets you cut in line when you have fewer grocery items than they do. By being mindfully grateful for the small moments, you will strengthen your relationship with God.

Keep Your Sacred Text Close

You don’t have to read fifty pages of the bible or the Tipitaka every night to practice your faith. Doing a little reading now and again is enough! You’ll find that you get through it better that way, any way, as many sacred texts aren’t easy to read in one go. By keeping your book close, you will always feel closer to God, too.

Perform Small Kind Acts

You can practice your faith in your daily life by performing small kind acts to those around you. Help a senior cross the road, donate a few dollars to charity, or give a homeless person a meal to keep your faith strong even during your busiest days. When it comes to religion, it’s often about the small, regular acts rather than the one-time grandiose acts.

Practicing your faith can be done no matter how busy you are – you just need to find a way to fit it into your schedule.

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