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Tiktok drives offline sales for different businesses and advertisers. Look at using TikTok for small businesses and capture more sales by creating engaging videos. If you’d like some TikTok ad ideas, keep reading.

This guide will teach you about a few TikTok content ideas. You should analyze your audience and think about effective ways to target them. Start brainstorming TikTok video ideas for small businesses.

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1. Plan an Office Tour

Most consumers love to learn more about their favorite brands and their creators.

Let your audience into your business by walking them through your physical office. They can see how your company organizes their office and works during the day.

You can show the real side of your business. Always try to remain transparent. Introduce your followers to a few key employees at your business.

2. You Could Pack a New Order

Another way to let customers behind the scenes is to pack up an order.

Customers will see the care you put into each order. Show customers what to expect when the package arrives. Include unique packaging, pretty notes, or freebies.

Some businesses will even invite customers to request to see their order package. It’s a unique bonus for people when they get to see their package put together on TikTok.

3. You Could Share Business Advice

Small business owners will share tips and tricks with other aspiring entrepreneurs.

You could also be a valuable voice in your industry niche. Share with your followers what other businesses can do to connect with customers. This shows the authentic side of your business.

4. How Do Products Get Used?

You should show off your products and services from time to time. You don’t want all your videos to be about products and services.

But you should show your products in action or use. Some businesses will actually send free samples to top influencers in the industry. You could start researching popular influencers who share about new products.

Send a message to a few influencers. Find out what their quote is for creating an ad for your business.

You might end up with an increase in sales after the influencer promotes your product. Learn more about TikTok ads examples.

5. Consider Hosting a Live Chat

Some business owners will go on live. They invite their customers or followers to drop questions or comments. Make sure you answer questions and follow up on issues.

TikTok Video Ideas for Small Businesses

Don’t forget these TikTok video ideas for small businesses.

Plan a steady content schedule so you can provide unique videos to your audience. You can show how you pack up individual orders. Some companies will bring customers behind the scenes.

Invite customers to leave questions or comments and remember to engage with them.

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