According to global research firm Statista, data collected in September 2020 showed that the global size of online gambling is projected to surpass 92.9 billion U.S. dollars by 2023. At the time of collecting this data, the market stood at 59 billion dollars, which means it will almost double in size in the coming years. Online gambling involves playing casino games such as roulettes, slots, poker, bingo, and sports betting at an online casino such as JackpotCity online casino. As more and more people get into playing online games, it is important to play at well-known casinos such as JackpotCity to enjoy their favourite games and do so in a safe and secure environment.

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Factors contributing to the rise of online gambling

One of the major factors that have resulted in the popularity of online casino games is the lighting advancements in technology. This means more and more people now have access to smartphones, and the ease of accessibility of online gambling sites means it is easy to play online casino games. Furthermore, the increase in internet speeds allows people to play live casinos with live dealers, which gives an immersive experience as if they were playing at a brick and mortar establishment. Online gambling sites are also introducing apps, making it easy, flexible, and convenient for gamblers to enjoy their favourite games virtually from any place as long as they have internet access. Another factor contributing to the rise of online gambling is that people are now embracing and feeling safe paying online. The emergence of safe and secure payment methods such as cryptocurrencies ensure gamblers can pay safely and anonymously. Another contributing factor to the rise of global online gambling is the legalization of betting in regions such as the United States. Many legit online casinos have highly responsive and professional customer care services, which means gamblers can play at ease, knowing they can get help as soon as possible when required. The global pandemic resulted in lockdowns and restrictions on how people interact, which meant gamblers spent more time indoors playing online casino games rather than visiting land-based establishments. Technological advancements now mean that casinos are more secure than ever. Nonetheless, there are still scam casinos, and gamblers are advised to only play at legit casinos to avoid being scammed. Furthermore, these legit casinos are registered and regulated, which means customers can hold them liable if something illegal happens. Most of these online casinos also advocate for safe gambling practices and even have measures to help those who may fall into compulsive gambling behaviours.

Enticing bonuses and promotions

As the number of online casinos increases in the market, so has the competition to attract new gamblers and keep the existing ones happy. This means most casinos are now embracing innovative market strategies such as offering bonuses and promotions. Gamblers can use them to try out new games at the casino without using their real money and even stand a chance to cash out the winning if they fulfil the required terms and conditions.

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