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Throughout the entire history of the existence of mankind, thoughts of preserving youth, extending life, and finding opportunities to maintain physical and mental activity have been haunting both doctors and their patients. People have always assumed that the body has some hidden internal reserves that are responsible for maintaining health and youth, restoring vitality.

Stem cell treatment – which diseases can be treated now and what prospects await us?

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What do we expect from stem cells?

Stem cell therapy in Germany is performed in modern laboratories which are equipped with the latest technology by a team of experts of the highest class with extensive experience. Strict adherence to the protocols for isolation and cultivation of cell culture and an individual approach to each patient is also a must.

Any disease means suffering. When we get sick we are looking for relief from pain and excluding causes of the disease. We want to believe that in the 21st century, with the help of modern medicine, this natural desire is fully feasible. We understand that our body is unique and can get rid of the disease. Today we can say that modern medicine has already discovered a revolutionary method of treating many incurable diseases. And this method of treatment was found in the hidden reserves and resources of our body.

What diseases are treated in stem cell centers in Germany?

The discovery of stem cells has become a real breakthrough in modern medicine. Stem cells have been actively used in the treatment and recovery from injuries and serious conditions for over 20 years.

It turns out that the regeneration of the body is a natural process, and stem cells are special cells that are present in all the organs and tissues of our body, contributing to their recovery. Stem cell therapy has become a revolutionary breakthrough in treatment and rehabilitation. They are applied in the diseases of all organs and systems of the body: from diabetes mellitus to stroke, from cirrhosis to cerebral palsy, as well as injuries, burns, and hereditary disorders. This speeds up the recovery process and gives hope for improvement and getting rid of the disease. Stem cells also positively affect fertility, potency, and libido, slow down the aging process.

The possibility of treatment with mesenchymal stem cells

To date, scientists of Germany and the rest of the world have gained a detailed study of these cells and have a lot of information:

  • Thanks to modern technology, there is no need to look for a donor for a transplant taking. From the bone marrow of a person from three hundred to five hundred million stem cells can be derived. All of them are absolutely safe and can be used in the treatment.
  • Modern technologies allow introducing stem cells in various ways. Methods are selected individually in each case.
  • The use of stem cells does not cause the development of cancer and is absolutely safe for humans.
  • The effectiveness of stem cells is proved by clinical research and practical experience. They don’t just allow you to cure complex diseases but also improve the quality of life.
  • Stromal stem cells quite often allow avoiding complex surgery and the use of dangerous chemicals.
  • The introduction of the cells is not painful. Today they are most often administered intravenously. A patient can feel discomfort, but not pain.
  • Cells are not rejected by the human body, do not provoke negative reactions, etc.

How can a patient receive stem cell treatment in Germany?

In order to undergo treatment in Germany, you need to choose individual treatment or diagnostic programs. Professionals will help to cope with this task more successfully since not only the outcome of the therapy but also human life depends on the choice of the appropriate clinic and doctor.

As the international medical tourism operator, Booking Health will answer all your questions, organize treatment, and solve organizational issues. Thanks to many years of experience, the company will find an individual approach to each patient.

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