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Tent camping

The outdoors is so-called for a reason. There is no wi-fi, no Netflix and emergency services are usually many miles away. For the most part, you are alone unless you embark on this journey with friends and family.

While what you need for your journey outdoors depends mainly on what part of the world you would be visiting, some tips stand true regardless. Whether you intend mountain climbing in the Himalayas, crossing the Sahara or braving the amazon forest, you need survival gear to provide access to fire, water and a reliable light source.

Gear Up!

Commitment and zeal are admirable qualities, but they can only take you so far when you’re face to face with mother nature’s wrath. To ensure your safety, a successful and incident-free voyage, you must choose your gear wisely and know how to use them correctly.

Luckily, we have done all that research for you and provided a guide on essential items. We have compiled a list of the most pertinent needs you would need to survive outdoors, the gear you need to satisfy those needs and tips on best using these survival gear.

They are:

Light source

Light camping

Night creeps up on you when you are in the wild, and the last thing you want is to be in the dark for hours on end. The solution is to have with you a flashlight or flashlights for extra reliability and protection.

Shopping for a flashlight is more tricky than it would initially seem. There are many types of flashlights, ranging from an EDC flashlight, a tactical to a pocket flashlight. Walking into a store and picking the first torch you see would not necessarily cut it. Instead, I recommend looking at a survival enthusiast site like Go Fast And Light for the best flashlight options and guides to help you pick the right one for your specific purpose.


Fire camping

Fire serves a multipurpose function. For example, you can use it to keep warm if you are in a cold region, cook food, and ward off danger.

If you planned to take a pack of matches, you would be making a colossal mistake and leaving yourself open to harm if the matchbox gets wet. Also, taking a lighter is not the best alternative as you’ll be left high and dry if the lighter fluid runs out.

One trusty, easy to use alternative is the Fire Starter Flint. And the tips below would help you get a fire started using a flint.

  1. Kneel on the ground with tinder bundle place in front
  2. Hold the steel (or pocket knife) in one hand between your index finger and thumb.
  3. Hold the flint in the other hand with the sharpest edge facing the steel
  4. Generate and direct the sparks towards the tinder bundle by striking the steel against the flint in a hurried downward motion.
  5. Immediately give a light puff of air to the tinder when you see a spark fall on it. You’d see some smoke if the spark ignited the tinder. Continue to blow the tinder until it becomes a flame.


Water camping

The last thing you want happening is cancelling your outdoor expenditure because you fell ill from drinking impure water. The solution to this has a water purifier handy. These come fitted with a cartridge or element that helps you remove debris, bacteria and protozoa from your water.

To the world’s newest explorer,

You are good to go! The world is your oyster now; you can book that trip anywhere in the world knowing you can survive the outdoors. As long as you research and follow the tips listed above, you can survive anything mother nature throws at you.

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