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Whether you’re heading to the beaches of Belize or a humid vacation in the jungles of Indonesia, it pays to be prepared. Credit: hadiphotography494 Via Freepik

In postcards and vacation photos, tropical destinations always look breezy and sunny – idyllic spaces where everyone’s always the right amount of warm. The reality is that’s usually not the case.

Tropical destinations get humid. Downright muggy sometimes. The one-two punch of high temperature and high ambient moisture makes for a sweaty, sticky, sometimes exhausting vacation. But that’s the price of paradise. You have to suffer through the humidity to enjoy the sunshine.

Luckily, there are ways to mitigate the uncomfortable effects of humid weather. If you’re planning a vacation to a humid destination, follow the tips below for a smoother, dryer, fresher holiday.

Stay Hydrated with a Few Simple Tips

Ironically, exposing yourself to that warm, moisture-laden environment can make you more dehydrated. Not only do humid environments cause you to sweat the way any hot climate does, but the excess moisture can actually interfere with your body’s natural cooling system.

Therefore, it’s imperative to stay hydrated. Consider packing a collapsible water bottle that you can fit neatly into a lightly packed bag (you want to avoid packing a heavy bag for a humid vacation and over-exert yourself). Next, download a hydration app – a simple tool that pings you with periodic reminders to tip back a glass of H2O.

Pack Breathable, Sweat Wicking Merino Travel Clothes

One of the more uncomfortable aspects of humid weather travel is how your clothes respond. Cotton and polyester tend to pool sweat, hold ambient moisture and retain heat – poor qualities in a hot environment.

Instead, pack merino wool clothing. Merino wool is naturally breathable and sweat-wicking, adept at transferring moisture from the surface of your body and out toward the air, where it can evaporate. Moreover, merino wool is antibacterial, ensuring that you stay fresh – even as you sweat. Look for travel-specific merino brands like Unbound Merino for the best humid-weather options.

Plan Morning and Evening Excursions

Most humid destinations experience respite periods in the evenings and early mornings, when the cool overnight air displaces the muggy mid-day moisture.

If you’re planning physically strenuous activities like hikes, treks, climbs or bike rides, consider scheduling them during cooler hours. The middle of the day should be for sitting on the beach with a cool drink and a book!

Do As the Locals Do

If you need help managing the heat, look to the locals. Locals often have time-tested methods for beating the heat. Some cultures rally around indoor markets or air-conditioned cafés during peak temperatures. Others observe a mid-day siesta. And some cultures flock to the nearest park to sit under the shady foliage.

Look around you to see what the locals do. If you’re unsure, ask a concierge, visitor’s centre or kind stranger you meet at a local restaurant for tips. Most people are happy to help a foreigner manage the heat.

Whether you’re heading to the beaches of Belize or the jungles of Indonesia, it pays to be prepared. Follow the straightforward tips above for a relatively cool trip.

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