The summer is probably the least favorite period for punters around the world, this is because majority of the popular tournaments and leagues – like the UCL, EPL, UHL, NBA etc – would be over by that period.

But if there is one fact etched at the back of the mind of a true punter, it is the fact that the betting industry is one that runs throughout the year, meaning, there will always be one sport or the other to bet on.

The world of betting never stops!

We understand that fact, hence we will be presenting you with other sports leagues and tournaments which are currently on that you can bet on:

Copa America

The popular international continental competition, which is hosted by Brazil, is gradually drawing to its finish. It has been running its course since the 14th of June and so far over 48 goals have been scored in the past 22 matches. Currently, they are in the Semifinals; with Brazil already qualified for the final after knocking out Argentina from the semis. Chile will be playing against Peru on Thursday to determine who will fill the last spot for the final. Chile is priced on one of your favorite Canadian bookmakers sites, Bet365, at 17/20 odds to win while Peru is priced at 15/4 odds

Women World Cup

The most prestigious tournament in the world of international women’s football has been in the running since the 7th of June and currently, the semifinals playoff is currently on. USA has qualified for the finals after beating England 2-1, leaving Netherland vs Sweden to hash it out on wednesday for the final spot in the final. On Bet365, Netherland is priced at 13/10 odds to win while Sweden is priced at 21/10 odds. Click here to stay abreast of the latest happenings in the tournament.


Away from football, this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the most prestigious tournament in the world of tennis. This tournament which started on the 24th June will be running its course till the 14th of July and so far, we have been having a swell time experiencing the magic happening on grass. Just like the other sports tournaments discussed above, you can stake heavily on your favourite players in the tournament. Make hay while the sun shines as there are several matches to pick from.

2019 Formula 1 Championship

The biggest championship there is in the world of car racing has been in the running since March this year and it will be spanning up until December, this means limitless bet options to pick from in the tournament. In July, we will be experiencing The British Grand Prix and The German Grand Prix which will be taking place on the 14th July and 28th July respectively. On Bet365, you can place your bet on your favorite player to win the British Grand Prix, in which Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclarc, Valterri Bottas, Sebastian Vettel are seen as the favourites as they are priced at 8/11, 5/1, 7/2, 6/1 respectively.

As you can see, the world of betting never stops and with the aforementioned tournaments currently on, you can advantage to win big.

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