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Steroids are one of the trendiest ways to gain muscle mass and boost your workout sessions. Bodybuilders love them, and steroids are proven to work, taking gym sessions to the next level.

But steroids aren’t as innocent as we might think, and they sometimes have severe side effects. The bad effects of steroids aren’t to underestimate, and this is why we’ve gathered all the information you need before purchasing.

Some products are top-rated on the market, such as Anavar for sale are more appropriate to the public, but it’s always worth checking what you’re in for. Let’s start.

Are Steroids Worth it?

Lawful or not, steroids are almost never the correct answer for developing muscle or getting fit. Naturally, they help build muscle mass more quickly and beyond the human body’s natural limits.

But, they can potentially cause several secondary effects that might compromise any headway you’ve made whatsoever and have long haul wellbeing results.

All things considered, while many bodybuilders are happy with the results, the health risks are numerous, and you may regret it in the long term.

Are Steroids Addictive?

Apart from the side effects, it’s worth noting that, yes, steroids are indeed addictive. A study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse revealed that 32% of anabolic steroids users became dependent on the substance.

Of course, the dependence came from the increased tolerance to the substance, and more and more steroids were needed for the user to be satisfied.

This is the main point of steroids, as the higher dose you take and the bigger the muscle mass you will develop. But it is undoubtedly another aspect to consider on top of the side effects.

The Most Common Bad Effects of Steroids

A combination of aftereffects can happen when steroids are used and abused, going from smaller ones with mild impacts to others that are more severe and even dangerous. Most side effects of the steroids, but others could last years or even be permanent, depending on the case. Let’s dive into the most common ones.

High Blood Pressure

One of the steroids’ most common side effects is high blood pressure since a high intake can increase salt and water retention. Apart from that, the gain of weight in the user can also increase his blood pressure. Needless to say, the two elements happen at the same in most cases.

In the long run, high blood pressure can result in heart disease, strokes, kidney disease, and even heart failure for the most challenging situations.

Mood Swings

Many steroid users experience mental responses to high doses, and mood swings are common reactions. Some of these mood swings can be agitation, anxiety, personality changes, and sometimes even depression.

Of course, the higher the intake and the stronger the mood swings. Misusing steroids can be dangerous and continuous utilisation can lead to aggressive behaviour daily.

Becoming aggressive when taking steroids is called “roid rage”, and secondary hormonal changes could happen in the long term.

Excessive Hair Growth

One of the most noticeable side effects of steroids is hair growth. Just like the other harmful effects, the higher the steroid dose and the higher the amount of hair will grow. While it usually happens in women, men can also experience it.

In simple words, a high steroid intake cause masculinisation in women and men to be hairier than before. Apart from that, women could experience body fat and breast decrease, and a deeper voice.

Last but not least, while steroids may cause excessive body hair growth, they can also cause scalp hair loss or at least thin it. It’s worth noting that constant use of steroids may cause this last point to be irreversible.

Sleeping Issues

Another common issue when taking steroids is sleeping issues, especially when taking them in the evening. The best way to avoid this is simply to take them in the morning rather than splitting the dose in half – morning and nighttime.

Note that taking them during the morning will not completely resolve the problem, but it will help.

You should be aware that severe sleeping issues can end up with other severe diseases such as:

  • Obesity
  • Delirium
  • Sleep apnoea
  • Coronary heart disease

It goes without saying that the conditions above only happen in rare cases, however, they are still a possibility, and they should be considered when taking high doses of steroids.

Weight Gain

Weight gain is the number 1 reason for bodybuilders to take steroids as they can then work on that gain and develop a more significant muscle mass.

That being said, steroids can affect how your body stores fat and eventually increase your appetite and deposit that fat in your abdomen. For this reason, it’s essential to control your calorie intake and exercise regularly.

Last but not least, this gain of weight is connected to fluid retention and could cause high blood pressure, which is essential to know.

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