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The Niagara Falls Horseshoe bend

The Horseshoe bend of the falls is absolutely breathtaking

Whether you live right in Ontario, or a little further afield, a trip to Niagara Falls is always a memorable day out. Linking Canada and the United States together with the famous Rainbow Bridge, this section of the waterfall known as the horseshoe is particularly spectacular. We’re planning for a few hours road trip to take in some of the most beautiful scenery in the surrounding area. So, if you find yourself short of something to do this weekend then maybe this plan could be just the thing.

Getting the admin out of the way first, if you’re a good deal further away than Ontario then you might want  somewhere to stay for the night, or to stretch your legs en route. If you’re looking for a place to stop off to break the drive up then Falls View could not be more convenient. Depending on the time of year that you make your journey you might be lucky enough to visit during WSOP live reporting time, this September through November. Falls View has a popular casino, making it a favorite for poker players. If you’re really tired then by all means hit the hay, but it’s great fun to stay up for a game of poker with the regulars. Once you’re feeling refreshed it’s time to make the most of all of the brilliant tourism initiatives that have been set up in the area.

swallowtail butterfly

A visit from a swallowtail butterfly is a moment to remember

The Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory is well worth a visit and at just a few miles away from Niagara Falls it is located really conveniently. The Conservatory takes the form of a huge butterfly house that is home to more than 2,000 tropical butterflies at any one time. The dome itself is more than 1,000 square feet and is filled with beautiful blooms for the butterflies to explore. If you want to get really close to the butterflies then it’s recommended to wear a brightly colored shirt and a couple of sprays of sweet perfume. Butterflies will smell the sugar, think you’re a flower, and land on you. Whichever species decides you’re the flower for them is sure to bring a magical moment, but a visit from one of the big, bold Low’s swallowtail is truly unforgettable.

Once you’re all butterfly-ed out, the tourist area right by the waterfall is the next place on the list. Here you’ll find the best views of the cascades, which are marvelous enough to make up the bulk of your day. Once you’re finished at the waterfalls there are museums, water parks, golf courses, and observatories to explore. Whichever you decide to go to, be sure to make a stop at the Skylon Tower for a bite to eat before you head off. The tower offers unparalleled views of the falls, both from the revolving restaurant and the observation deck. The Summit Suite buffet provides an affordable option with plenty of choice if you’re traveling with picky eaters. If you want something a little fancier then the a la carte menu at the revolving dining room is delicious.