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A successful man exudes success in every part of his being – and this includes his wardrobe. You don’t need many items to radiate a classy and sophisticated persona, but the items that you do invest in should be high-quality statement pieces. By introducing these three essentials into your wardrobe, you can maintain a timeless sense of elegance whilst staying on-trend.

A Great Pair Of Shoes

Good quality shoes are an essential part of any man’s wardrobe. Shoes are the accessory that really has the ability to pull any outfit together, and a great pair of shoes can be the difference between a beautifully put together outfit and one that just looks ‘off’. Shoes can be a great investment and are certainly an item to splash the cash on if you can. A good quality pair of shoes will last for years and the amount of wear you’ll get out of them will be well worth the price tag.

Whether you want to embrace street-style and go for a funky pair of trainers, keep it classic with a slick pair of black boots or loafers, or even go for something more high-fashion, these men’s Versace shoes will have you covered at all the bases. Well-constructed, quality shoes like Versace shoes can look and feel vastly different from cheaply made off-brand equivalents. For many people, shoes are one of the first things to be noticed when meeting a new person, so it’s worth investing the money if you want to give off a put together and successful image.

Three Must-Have Items For The Successful Man’s Wardrobe

A Custom-made Suit

A custom-made suit is a complete game-changer. Whilst off the rack suits can be premium quality and will last for years, nothing beats a bespoke suit tailored specifically to you. A custom-made suit exudes elegance and sophistication and gives of a put-together and successful image. Not only will the suit be stylish and fit you perfectly, but it’s also a practical long-term investment as you’ll no doubt look and feel amazing in it and want to wear it frequently.

A tailored suit doesn’t just have to be tailored to your body, it can be tailored to factor in your lifestyle and desired fit too. You can go for a baggier modern look, a slim fit, or stick with the classic silhouette that we all know and love. The tailor will choose the best shapes and patterns to flatter your body type and make a bold statement.

If you’re bored of elegant but boring looking suits, buy a custom suit made to highlight your personal style – be as bold and daring as you please, this is your investment after all.

Color is a great way to exhibit your personal style and show off your fun and playful side! From the cut of the overall suit, pocket type, collar style, and color, there are countless elements in the everyday suit that can be completely customizable with a tailored piece. Now is the time to begin your journey into the world of custom suit design, you won’t look back!

A Vintage Timepiece

A vintage timepiece is a beautiful and timeless piece that will never go out of style. Like shoes, a watch is something that really has the power to bring an outfit together. Even just a peak of something elegant and expensive looking from behind a cuff is a strong and fashionable statement.

When purchasing a vintage watch, you can be almost entirely sure that your piece will be unique. There’s something unsatisfying about splashing out on a new purchase only to see five other men wearing the exact same thing on the high street – you want your purchase to be one of a kind. The countless models, brands, ages and wear and tear of vintage watches will ensure that yours is completely unique to you.

Many vintage watches are handmade, unlike any you’d find being sold on the high street in 2020, so the quality is often unbeatable. Each vintage watch has its own personality, its own history, and its own story to tell so if you want something which oozes success and elegance, invest in a vintage watch today.

Always buy beautiful vintage watches from reputable retailers, so you can be certain of their authenticity.

A successful man will radiate elegance and sophistication – not just in his character but in the way he chooses to present himself. High-quality clothes and accessories aren’t just about the price tag – they are about choosing to invest in pieces that will last you a lifetime and never go out of style. With a great pair of designer shoes, a custom-made suit, and a vintage timepiece, you will be sure to command the room and radiate success. Do yourself a favor and put your money into items that count – it’s quality over quantity after all.

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