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Finding a good pro in testing, and even your own person, is constantly difficult.

Corporations that drive digital results eternally have a need for web application testing company and examiners. You can explore for them in various areas: the option of a particular cause will depend on both the level of the professional and the moment used on the research.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Web Application Testing Company


This is a serious platform with a large resume base, and the chance of finding a tester here is very high. If you have correctly compiled a placed order, then out of 20-30 respondents, several will definitely make it to the interview. The downside is that there are many non-targeted responses to HH: any theorist who has completed the course can respond. And also a surgeon, loader or truck crane driver.

Online academies

This is the origin of lower checkers – companion with a school that provides such experts. If you make mates, you can change the training method and combine your tasks and means there. For instance, you can achieve your own original plans into the program. Not practical, of course, but private, so as not to chance it. The people will learn from the methods tailored for you, and you will manage the performance of duties.

Collection steps: what to look for

The full period of becoming a competitor into an agent consists of three steps. To use a skilled examiner, do these three items.

  1. Scoring the applicant

Don’t only concentrate on your resume if you want to create a great pipeline of candidates. Several only do not know how to make it, report their knowledge, and read about experiences. In extension to continue choosing, use devices that are compact, useful, and reasonable for you and the applicant.

  1. Sell the job

The demand for testers is constantly growing, they are not enough in the market. If you have received several good candidates, then you must understand that there is already a queue for them.

Therefore, they choose not so much for finance. According to recent research, salary is in the top 5 important factors when choosing a job, but not in the first place. More important for a tester are interesting tasks and opportunities.

  1. Check your abilities

To do this, I send the candidate to the QA director. She studies what means the expert runs with, how he gets records, whether she understands how to operate with a database.

Such a test is important so that you can decide the knowledge of the candidate, and not his general information. A tester can see the data and technology, come to a meeting and “sell” himself perfectly. The theory is essential, but a fair evaluation of functional experiences is necessary first and principal.

What if you don’t understand anything about testing?

Only a technically savvy person can adequately assess and test the skills of a candidate. If you have no practical experience in testing, but you need to choose a specialist, I recommend that you proceed as follows.

Evaluate the special features of the candidate

At the meeting, see how he communicates, how he acts, and whether he will join the team. This will supply you an idea of the character as a whole. Learn what he has to say. Try to evaluate his dictionary, precision of wording, and experience to carry the essence of thoughts.

Engage a technical specialist from outside

This specialist in Fireart Studio will help you conduct a competent technical interview and at least assess the professional qualities and skills of the candidate. In general, these functions are well covered by the team lead – if you have such an employee in your team, contact him. If not, go to a professional testing company.

When a specialist is allocated to you, ask him to help you compose job information correctly, help with the selection, take an active role in the interview, give the TK to the competitors and check it. He will also be able to write the rules of procedure, bring samples of documentation and combine the newcomer into the team and workflow, so that both he and you are comfortable. I recommend pairing him with an HR who will combine “meat” and “soul”, write specific interview scenarios and share techniques that you can use to sell a job.

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