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We know a way to make moving to a new apartment easier and more cheerful than usual. If you plan your milestones ahead of time, you’ll be surprised at how much less hassle you’ll encounter during this busy period with the best moving companies in Queens New York.

Throw out the Excess

There is nothing more unpleasant than useless actions that take a lot of time and effort. Such actions include moving things to a new place that you will not use. Therefore, to conduct a thorough audit and get rid of everything superfluous – in the top of your cases, for which you need to allocate at least a day and finish before moving.

Make Sure Everything Is Ready

Even if the renovation is completed, walk around the new apartment with a critical eye. When you bring the boxes here, you won’t be able to change something radically.

First, it concerns the flooring. Make sure the base is level and stable and the floor is secure. The aesthetics of the floor is also important because this part of the apartment is perhaps the most difficult to change. Quartz laminate is suitable for non-threshold installation throughout the apartment, which is a big plus. The sills in apartments in our time look out of date, not to mention the fact that it is ugly and uncomfortable.

As a bonus to high wear resistance and sound absorption, you will get the look and aesthetics of natural wood.


Do not neglect the simple mechanical work of signing the boxes: this will save you a significant amount of time when sorting things.

Use stickers, and tape, and stock up on boxes of different sizes and, if possible, colors. This will help you sort and put all your things in new places so quickly that you will be surprised what miracles the correct organization of the move does.

Cleaning in a New Place Before Moving

Cleaning in a new apartment or house will be much more efficient if you do it before you bring in a huge amount of boxes and things that will not allow you to do a full cleaning.

Agree that it is more pleasant to lay out your things on clean shelves – allow yourself such a luxury and order cleaning or clean yourself in advance.

Draw an Interior Plan

Your main task is not just to come up with, but also to draw up a plan for arranging furniture and appliances. This plan should have exact measurements.

By the way, if you plan to place a cabinet or humidifier against the wall, stock up on an indent of about 10 cm, which will be needed for tulle and curtains.

Prepare a detailed plan of the apartment together with the designer or on your own.

We hope, our simple tips helped you understand how to move properly. Now you know:

  • what to throw away;
  • how to mark your boxes;
  • why you need an interior plan.

Good luck with your packing and moving process!

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