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Today it is difficult to imagine a girl or woman who does not wear earrings. And why should she not wear them? We have long left the Middle Ages behind and live in a world where everyone can afford jewelry. Moreover, today, even men are not indifferent to earrings. Keeping that in mind, let’s break down what kinds of earrings are in fashion in 2022.


Fashion Trends for the Seasons of 2022

In 2022, not only precious metal earrings and affordable jewelry — for instance, Moissanite earrings and the like — are on trend, but also ordinary costume jewelry. Huge jewelry that attracts attention with its modern design is in fashion. When choosing accessories this year, stick to this general rule: your jewelry should be in harmony with the color scheme of your clothes or stand out, drawing maximum attention.

In winter, designers recommend paying attention to semi-precious stones such as turquoise, artificial pearls, amber, malachite, or apatite. Earrings with such inlays usually look heavy, but they are leaders in the fashion world. And why are they in the limelight? The answer is quite simple: it’s all about affordability — a woman of almost any income can afford this jewelry.

In spring, buy long earrings with chains. They look chic on ladies with long swan necks. Wear such jewelry if you have a high hairstyle or ponytail picked up. Earrings should draw attention. As for clothing style, wear a fashionable suit and casual bow shoes.

In summer, it is worth buying earrings with large colored stones. They emphasize your style well and look great with a dress with a floral print.

In fall, you should pay attention to pearl earrings. Although ladies cooled down regarding pearl jewelry some time ago, they are fashionable once again now. Pay attention to how elegant and feminine small earrings with inserts of pearls are. One can safely wear such jewelry both at home and in the office.

Fashionable Gold Earrings in 2022

Gold is always in fashion. A gift of gold jewelry often has a stronger effect on a woman’s mind than any male eloquence. So if you’re thinking about a gift for your woman’s birthday or any other upcoming event, do not hesitate to order gold earrings — they’re fashionable and attractive. But what stylish gold earrings to choose?

For every day, la poussette or drop earrings are perfect. While you certainly want to look stunning every day, wearing bulky jewelry day in and day out isn’t the best option. Sometimes, the weather is bad, a strong wind blows, or your ears get tired if your jewelry is heavy. In such situations, small earrings save the day.

If a strict dress code is required in your office, small earrings like cloves or drops will help you. They will add a touch of feminity to your image without harming your solidity. Under a voluminous mop of hair, you can also hide claymore earrings. They will not interfere with your work while organically completing the image you intend to create.

Of course, it is worth buying expensive earrings for an important or official event when the choice of accessories indicates solidity and wealth. To look your best, do not save money on the jewelry you put on for corporate parties and banquets. During such events, people will mercilessly evaluate your clothes or jewelry.

Men’s real black diamond earrings are a popular and stylish accessory for men. There are several types of earrings available, each with its own unique look and feel. One popular type is the stud earring, which features a single black diamond set in a metal post that fits snugly against the earlobe. Another one is the hoop earring, which features a circular design with multiple black diamonds set in a row. Drop earrings are another option, which feature a single black diamond that hangs from a metal hook. Regardless of the style, diamond earrings add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit.

Fashionable Silver Earrings: What to Pay Attention to

As you may have already noticed, minimalism is in fashion for silver jewelry. This trend is reflected in the earrings as well:

  • Silver earrings shaped like simple geometric figures — what could be simpler? This style is universally preferred. Big volumetric earrings are worn with a business suit or an ordinary leather jacket and jeans.
  • Among the trendy silver earrings, one can choose tiny poussette earrings studded with stones, which modestly shine, attracting attention. For two seasons in a row, these miniature jewelry pieces beckon customers. It is very easy to get confused by huge jewelry if a woman wears a warm hat in the winter and autumn. So, small but very cute trinkets always help.
  • We should also mention earrings with feathers. Feathers are suitable for any type of face and almost any outfit, whether office wear or casual clothes.


It is quite difficult to find earrings suitable for your dress style. Nevertheless, your earrings should harmonize with your clothes. And fashion itself is an elastic concept, so be brave enough to create your unique style.

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