Why Do I Need a Solicitor?

When it comes to handling the law, one should always turn to an expert. Law is a complex issue and there are many different fields such as admiralty law, bankruptcy law, business and civil rights law, solicitors as well as criminal and family law. So, if you have a legal issue, what kind of solicitor do you need? Let’s take a look.

What is a Solicitor?

A solicitor is a member of a legal team that deals with a range of legal matters that a client needs help with. A solicitor provides assistance and advice to clients who contact them with legal problems that they need help with. Most of the time, solicitors are based and work in private practice and are employed by law firms.

Jobs Handled by a Solicitor

A solicitor is qualified to write Wills and deal with many other different types of legal matters such as buying a house, helping with family issues, criminal cases, and tax payments. When a client comes to a solicitor, they will give them advice and assistance on how to deal with the problem depending on what it is. For example, serious crime solicitors can help you if you have been charged with murder or another serious criminal offence. They will be the first people in your legal team to help defend you in court.

Many solicitors choose to specialise in a certain legal area but a firm will usually employ enough people to cover all grounds. If you approach one solicitor with a query in an area they do not know very well, they should be able to refer you to one of their colleagues.

Can They Represent Me in Court?

Solicitors usually do not represent their clients in court in England and Wales, though they will be present in the courtroom. They are usually the ones to handle all of the details outside of court. A solicitor will act as legal counsel during any interviews you have with the police, handle paperwork and claims, and will help you find a barrister.

The barrister is the one who will defend you in court. They are hired by the solicitor and are sworn to remain independent. This allows you to know that they will defend you to the best of their abilities regardless of what you have been accused of. The solicitor will work with your barrister to assemble the best case on your behalf. In special circumstances, the solicitor may even defend you without a barrister. However, this is quite rare in cases of serious crime and is usually reserved for family crime or civil claims court.

In Conclusion

Overall, if you are procuring the help of a solicitor, you need to make sure that you are seeking the best one for you. Remember that they have specialities and they may recommend you go elsewhere if there is someone they know who is better suited to your needs. However, you know that they will help you to build the legal case you need, no matter what it is you have a problem with.


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