Online casino

One of the biggest industries in the world is the casino industry, and is currently worth around $516.03 billion. Within the casino industry is the online casino industry, which makes up around $66.72 billion of that. This is not surprising considering the sheer number of games available for people to play, as well as the convenience and fun online casinos have to offer.

Another reason for this success is the casino bonuses that are offered, but as a new player you might not know which to choose, or what they do. If you need help deciding which to choose when signing up for an online casino, these are the ones that can help you out the most.

Deposit bonuses

There are many casino bonuses available, but the one that remains the most popular and easy to understand would be the deposit bonus. This bonus is straightforward; the player deposits a certain amount of money and receives bonus money in return.

The one thing that new players should be aware of are the wagering requirements attached to it. The most common wagering requirement for deposit bonus is the X requirement. For example, a player deposits $10 and receives $100 x 40 bonus. This means that the player needs to bet 40 times with that bonus in order to receive any winnings accumulated with it.

No deposit bonuses

Another incredibly popular bonus is the no deposit bonus, and as the name suggests, players are not required to deposit any money in order to receive it. This is the obvious choice if you are new player since it means you will be receiving free money to use to experiment with different games. If you are interested in searching for online casinos that offer this kind of bonuses, there are websites like which provide you with most recommended no deposit casino bonuses and free spins, to find out more details visit this page. Again, with any bonus, there are wagering requirements and conditions. For no deposit bonuses, there could be X requirement, the player might need to win a certain amount of money before being allowed to withdraw winnings, or be restricted from playing certain games or games with certain wagering amounts.

Cashback bonuses

One bonus that is not seen very often at online casinos are the cashback bonuses, but they are slowly becoming more and more popular. A cashback bonus is basically what the name says it is; if you lose while playing games at the online casino, you will be given a percentage of the money back to you.

The benefits of the bonus are quite easy to understand, and new players would benefit greatly from it since you won’t be losing all of your money at once with each game you play. This also gives new players the opportunity to learn the games without the fear of losing everything at once.

Free spin bonuses

For those that love playing slot games, and can’t imagine playing a different casino game, then the free spin bonus is definitely something to consider. The free spins bonus will give players a certain number of free spins upon creating an account with the online casino, and some casinos will require players to make a small deposit first.

Two things to be aware of when using this bonus is that you can’t use this bonus to play any games that are not slots, since they only give free spins. The other thing to consider is that in order to withdraw any winnings, you would need to complete a X requirement. For example, 30 free spins X 40. This means that you get 30 free spins, but you have to make 40 bets in order to receive the winnings.

Matched bonuses

One of the more exciting bonuses that online casinos offer, and is a popular choice amongst the high rollers, are the matched bonuses. What makes this a great bonus is that depending on how much you deposit, you will be matched up to a certain percentage and receive that as the bonus. For example, you would see something like this: matched bonus of 200% up to $500 x 20.

This means that you will receive 200% in addition to what you deposit, up to $500 and no more, but in order to receive the winnings, you have to bet 20 times. This bonus is very beneficial if you are depositing large amounts of money, as you will be getting a lot back, but isn’t really worth it if you are only depositing small amount.

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