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There are many sports in the world, and some command a massive level of popularity, such as basketball and football. These sports are massive and have an equally sized betting scene, which millions of players enjoy accessing to place bets on their favourite players. The gambling industry is comprehensive and many sportsbooks have a range of sports that people can place bets on, even sports like golf. Fortunately, there is a list of sites to bet on golf so eager bettors know exactly where to go. Ice hockey is another sport that commands a great level of popularity, though some might say it isn’t as popular as basketball and football.

hockeyTo say this would be doing ice hockey a disservice, and this is because the sports are massively enjoyed in some areas of the world. Canada is one country that adores ice hockey but this is likely due to the region’s climate, making it suitable to play the game. Despite this, ice hockey is popular in places even where it is predominately hot thanks to the rise of artificial ice rinks. These utilise air conditioning to maintain a climate inside that is suitable for ice hockey, and their growing use has allowed the sport to spread into other countries around the world.

Despite this, there will be many who will wonder why people think ice hockey is so good. Most ice hockey enthusiasts would agree that people must only watch one game to get an idea of why the game is adored.

Playing grounds

Of course, the main allure of ice hockey is that it is played on a massive layer of ice. Just the idea of this sounds difficult, and many will agree that it takes a great degree of coordination and balance just to stay upright in an ice rink. When this is combined with the level of play that top ice hockey teams demonstrate though, then the skill of ice hockey players goes from being impressive to outright incredible. The fact that ice is added into the mix also makes some people like ice hockey more than the more traditional variant, field hockey.


Another reason why people enjoy ice hockey so much is because of the speed that is exhibited during most games in the rink. The fact that the playing floor is made of ice means that players can reach amazing speeds and just about everything else in the sport revolves around speed too. This can be seen by the power shots that people can pull off to score a goal. When other sports are considered, it is difficult to think of a more high-octane sport than ice hockey.

Different kinds of gameplay

In other sports like football, officials’ judgements can heavily influence the game, like giving a controversial penalty for example. However, in ice hockey, the players largely dictate the game and are in large control of it from the moment the game starts. They can control the pace and flow of the game and this is a unique thing to watch that is only present in some sports.

It should be clear why ice hockey is so loved around the world. Though its popularity hasn’t hit incredible levels yet, there is no doubt that more people are falling in love with the sport every day.

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