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Working out regularly comes with so many health benefits. And you even get more out of your workout session when you combine it with an all-natural skinny leaf tea. But have you ever wondered when is the ideal time to take that cup of skinny leaf tea: pre-workout, during a workout, or after a workout? According to research, it is best to take it pre-workout to get the most out of a healthy drink like this skinny leaf tea. Taking skinny leaf tea before a workout will encourage a longer workout session and lead to a faster recovery time. Below are some reasons skinny leaf tea is the best pre-workout drink.

Promotes Detox in the body

From what we eat to the air we breathe, there is so much toxin in the earth that can quite promote healthy toxin levels in the body. Leaving these toxins in the body will gradually affect how the body functions. While the body tries to get rid of these toxins itself, it is usually not sufficient and will need a booster. Even with a regular workout, if the toxin level in the body is too heavy, results from a workout session will be quite poor. Consuming skinny leaf tea before a workout promotes natural detox of the body, thus cleansing the body’s organs of free radicals.

Promotes faster metabolism

Another reason consuming skinny leaf tea pre-workout is beneficial is that it promotes faster metabolism. Metabolism is essentially the breakdown of molecules, while catabolism is the buildup of molecules. While working out, the end goal is to break down excess fat and build up healthy muscles. To achieve this, drinking a cup of skinny leaf tea pre-workout promotes the body’s healthy metabolism rate. This means that if you take skinny leaf tea pre-workout, it will also promote weight loss.

Supplies the body with a natural energy boost

When it comes to working out, the body needs energy. However, some people depend on an energy drink to stay energized throughout the workout session. However, it is best to throw the use of chemicals out the window and always rely on natural remedies. When you take skinny leaf tea before a workout, it promotes your body’s healthy energy level. As we mentioned earlier, drinking skinny leaf tea promotes the breakdown of fat molecules in the body, producing energy. In case you don’t know, the breakdown of fat produces more energy than carbohydrates. So, taking skinny leaf tea pre-workout is a natural energy booster you can always rely on.

Keeps you hydrated

The importance of staying hydrated throughout a workout session cannot be overemphasized enough. People often focus so much on working out that they forget to hydrate. Our muscles are made up of about 70% water, and when we work out, we lose water fast through sweating (the body control mechanism to keep the body cool during workouts). If you do not replenish the body with water, you will not achieve optimal results from your workout session. So, if you know you fall into this category of people that forget to hydrate, taking a glass of skinny leaf tea pre-workout is a great way to stay hydrated.

Promotes fewer muscle aches

As long as you are working outright, it is not rocket science to know that you will eventually feel muscle aches. These muscle aches are a result of the sore from muscle damage. This sore can be so painful that you may find it difficult to stand up or do some basic tasks with your hands without feeling pain. A way around this pain is to drink a cup of skinny leaf tea, as it soothes our muscle aches. Skinny leaf tea contains compounds such as catechins, the active element responsible for alleviating soreness and muscle aches.

Promotes post-workout recovery

The truth is that working out is stressful and requires a lot of energy and endurance. After working out, especially after an intense full-body workout, the body feels too exhausted to do anything else. In such cases, an energy boost will make so much sense. At least, with a boost of energy, they might be able to gather strength to coordinate the muscles. For this reason, it is ideal to consume skinny leaf tea pre-workout. The scope here is that taking this tea pre-workout promotes the body’s better utilization of fat, which ensures your body has all the energy it needs to work out and recover. Moreover, this tea also promotes less muscle pain, making recovery a lot easier.

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