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If you have good oral hygiene habits and if you have a very healthy mouth, then you may still need to get your teeth cleaned twice a year. Most insurance policies will cover you for this but not many people will take advantage of this. That being said, if you want your mouth to be as healthy as it can be then you need to make a positive change about that. Find out more here.


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The Return of Plaque

Professional teeth cleaning will remove the bacteria that causes plaque in your mouth. It doesn’t do anything to stop the production of plaque though. This means that within 24 hours, it will start to collect again. Within a few days from that, it will start forming tartar. Regardless of how good your oral health is, you have to make sure that you visit a dentist regularly. The longer the plaque stays there, the more it will calcify on your teeth, and this is the last thing that you want to happen.

At this point, it becomes nearly impossible for you to remove yourself. The only way for you to get rid of it would be for you to visit a dental hygienist. If you get your teeth cleaned twice a year, then you don’t run the risk of having a lot of plaque or tartar build-up, says this professional female dentist in Melbourne. A dentist in Calgary AB should be able to help you with that, so make sure that you get signed up if you want to learn more.

You’ll Get an Exam

Regular check-ups really are important. They keep your mouth, your teeth and your gums in very good shape and it also stops you from experiencing tooth decay. Every time you get your teeth professionally cleaned, it gives you the chance to have your mouth examined. If they see something that causes them some degree of concern, then they may recommend you to a separate appointment. The great thing about this is that it will stop you from experiencing cavities and it will also help you to seek medical attention if you need it.

Cleanings are Great for Early Warnings

Getting a check-up and your teeth thoroughly cleaned is quite possibly one of the best ways for you to check for the early warning signs with plaque. It will also stop you from having to worry about oral health concerns too. Gum disease has very close links to heart disease. Oral cancer, receding gums and even anaemia are all indications that you have a dental problem. If you are able to catch issues like this early on, then you will soon find that you can significantly reduce your chances of developing diabetes, cancer or even a stroke. Your dentist may also be able to provide you with scaling and root work too if this is required.

Breath Freshness

Professional cleaning can help you to keep your breath fresh. You need to try and put your best foot forward when it comes to your oral health. Bad breath affects over 25% of the population, so it’s essential that you do your bit to try and get your teeth cleaned on a regular basis.

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