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Learning from the pros

Learning from the Pros interviews professional entrepreneurs who are currently in the trenches growing their businesses. Through insightful conversations, we unpack their common business challenges and identify the lessons every business owner needs to learn so they can accelerate their own business growth. Learning from the Pros is produced by Amplomedia in partnership with Troy Media,

Today our guest is Blyth Gill, the founder and CEO of Tradle. Tradle strives to make parenting easier for parents of young children who tend to outgrow clothes very quickly, often before they’ve even had the chance to wear them. So instead of buying clothes, Tradle allows parents to have high-quality clothes with the convenience of being able to return them and not worry about where they go after their children have outgrown them. They are keeping clothes in circulation as long as possible, reducing the need to always be manufacturing more clothes.

Tradle helps parents have a convenient clothing system of constantly circulating clothing for their children, while also helping brands keep their items in circulation as long as possible. It pushes brands to make clothing more durable to last for a long time. It’s the opposite of the new fast fashion trend while focusing on sustainability and durability, and taking some of the stress out of new parenthood.

Today’s Guest

Blyth Gill doesn’t mind admitting that he has a healthy obsession with the circular economy. He dreams of a society in which material resources circulate infinitely, and waste is zero. Blyth founded tradle because he believes that there is no higher priority than fighting for a child’s well-being, including protecting the Earth that they are set to inherit.

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Our Host

Lance Johnson

Lance Johnson

Lance Johnson is the president of Amplomedia, an innovative digital marketing agency specializing in motion graphic video production and digital marketing services. He leverages more than 20 years of experience in marketing and business strategy to help clients identify how best to engage their audience while effectively communicating their messages with clarity and impact.

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Learning from the pros

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