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Greg GazinHoliday shopping and retailer incentives are driving sales of smartphones right now. And plenty of people want to dress up, protect or enhance their new phones.

So here are a few ideas from Case-Mate, Smartish, Catalyst and Apple.

From camo to colourful

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Case-Mate Tough Juice case is made with real fruit

If you don’t want boring but still want to keep your case slim and sleek, and protect your phone, Case-Mate has a number of new choices, including: Tough Camo, Tough

Groove, Tie-Dye DIY Rainbow, Tough Summer Berries, Tough Watercolor, Confetti Waterfall, Kodachrome Super 8, Prabal Gurung Gold Waterfall.

The company says it uses certified safe mineral oil in all waterfall cases, fruit in their Tough Juice cases and ink droplets suspended in their Tough Watercolor cases.

And the cases don’t need to be removed when you want to use a wireless charger.

They also feature an anti-yellowing and anti-scratch coating, and their shock-absorbing materials are rated to protect your phone from a three-metre drop.

They’re available from Amazon or directly from Case-Mate. Prices range from $20 to $59.

Dancing Queen Crossbody Wallet Case

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Dancing Queen case: no pockets or purse needed

For those who prefer to keep their phone close but not in their pocket or purse, the Dancing Queen Crossbody Wallet Case for iPhone 11 by Smartish is a good choice. Designed to wear around your neck, it features a textured body with an adjustable strap and removable wristlet.

The snap-close pocket can hold five cards and a little bit of cash. There’s also a lipgloss loop.

Dancing Queen comes in Stiletto Black/Silver, Stiletto Black/Gold and Bath Bomb Blue. It sells for $45 and is available from Amazon.

Prop Tart

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Smartish Prop Tart props up your iPhone

Also from Smartish is the Prop Tart, for lovers of Snapchat, selfies and YouTube. It’s a slim-fit collapsible loop and kickstand that peels and sticks to almost any surface

(except silicone).

Extend the loop and insert a finger to keep your phone stable when looking for that perfect photo or to make one-handed texting a little easier. When watching videos, Prop Tart props your phone on its side with a kickstand. It sells for $13.99 and is available from Amazon.

Functional, fashionable and waterproof

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Catalyst case keeps the water out

If you tend to use your phone near or in water, the Catalyst Waterproof case for iPhone 11 might be a good choice. It’s fully sealed and has been tested to withstand water immersion of up to 10 metres. It’s made from impact-resistant and scratch-proof polycarbonate, and is military-grade-tested for shocks and drops up to two metres.

It also has patented acoustic technology so you won’t lose sound quality despite the waterproofing. You also still get full functionality of the screen and all other phone features.

And when you need to charge, a waterproof plug is easily removed.

Catalyst Waterproof case for iPhone 11 retails for $119.99. It comes in black or flame-red and includes a wrist lanyard. It’s available from

Apple Smart Battery Case

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Smart Battery Case gives you 50 percent more battery life

For those who never seem to have enough battery power, Apple’s Smart Battery Case offers protection plus up to 50 percent more power than your phone’s built-in battery.

The case is soft-touch silicone for a non-slip grip and has a microfibre lining so it won’t scratch your iPhone.

A dedicated camera button that quick launches the camera app is a welcome feature that engages even if your iPhone is locked. A quick press snaps a photo; a long press grabs a video.

It works with Qi-certified wireless chargers and the case and your phone battery can be charged simultaneously.

Apple Smart Battery case is available for all the latest iPhone models. It comes in black or soft white and pink sand on some models. It retails in Canada for $179 and is available from Apple or authorized dealers.

Greg Gazin, also known as the Gadget Guy and Gadget Greg, is a syndicated veteran tech columnist, communication, leadership and technology speaker, facilitator, blogger, podcaster and author. Reach him @gadgetgreg or at

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