The hard edge of Steve Bannon’s utopia

After the end of the Soviet Union, basic services disappeared. That's the kind of completely deconstructed administrative state Trump's chief adviser covets

The hard edge of Steve Bannon’s utopiaOver the past few months, we’ve heard quite a bit about Stephen Bannon, President Donald Trump’s strategic adviser and counsellor. I think of him as Trump’s ‘Asperger whisperer’ – the one man who can hold the U.S. president’s attention long enough to suggest ideas that go beyond the money metric. It would appear that his…

Turkey’s flirtation with Russia could become a full-blown romance

Ankara’s rapprochement with Moscow may yet prove to be the beginning of an entirely new direction in Turkey’s foreign policy

On Tuesday, Aug. 9, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan travelled to St. Petersburg for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. That Erdogan would travel outside of Turkey, less than two weeks after an attempted coup, speaks reams about his hold on power. That his first overseas trip would be to Russia speaks equally clearly…

Is the progressive political movement set to stall?

Five areas creating tension within the progressive movement must be resolved

Is the progressive political movement set to stall?Progressive politics is clearly on a roll in Canada. In fact, some pundits question whether it has run out of new places to go. The next few months in federal politics should be telling. New Democrats were just in Edmonton for their federal convention. The Liberals hold their national convention in Winnipeg in May. The…
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