The sobering reality behind business incentives

Being out-gunned in the incentives game can carry a heavy cost

The sobering reality behind business incentivesRecent news stories from both sides of the Canada-U.S. border highlight the growing role of business incentives and “subsidies” in shaping the climate for corporate location and expansion decisions. The big three U.S. automobile producers are in the midst of downgrading their presence in Ontario as they build new plants in various American states as…

Something’s wrong with capitalism

The most successful economies today are also the most indebted

Something’s wrong with capitalismIs it just me, or does the fabric of global capitalism seems to be unraveling? It seems the sovereign debt dragon was just sleeping and has now roared out of it’s den once again and is starting to snort fire all the way from Greece in the Euro zone, through the U.S. budget debates, to…

“Capitalism” saved the world

Any attempt to equate capitalism and communism is wrong-headed

“Capitalism” saved the worldIn a recent column from a Toronto journalist on communism and capitalism, the writer made an astonishing claim: While “millions have been the tragic victims of communism,” Roy MacGregor wrote, “that number pales, surely, in comparison with the victims of capitalism.” Surely, it does not. The columnist attempted to link communism and capitalism as mere…
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