Silent Night for Christians facing genocide

Christians experience religious persecution more than any other faith group on a global scale and in absolute numbers

Silent Night for Christians facing genocideThere was good news and bad news around an open letter released in Ottawa recently. The bad news was the letter concerned the persecution of about 230 million Christians worldwide faced with “daily threats of murder, beating, imprisonment, and torture.” An estimated 400 million more Christians face appalling discrimination in housing and jobs. The good…

Young students with diabetes should get equal treatment

A supportive school environment is critically important for keeping children with diabetes safe and healthy

Young students with diabetes should get equal treatmentFor parents of kids with diabetes, the beginning of each new school year brings not only the usual preparations, but also fears for their child’s health and safety. This is especially true if their school or school district does not have a policy to ensure staff are knowledgeable about diabetes, know how to prevent emergencies,…
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