Free speech is under attack, but Jordan Peterson stands firm

We must be free to think and speak in Canada. If University of Toronto's Jordan Peterson can’t do it with tenure, then who can?

Free speech is under attack, but Jordan Peterson stands firmFreedom of speech and thought are in peril in Canada. The attacks on Jordan Peterson help demonstrate that. Peterson, a psychology professor at University of Toronto, launched himself into the public eye recently by expressing concerns about the growth of state authority and diminishing freedom related to transgender activism. Make no mistake, this is about freedom –…

There’s a reason western philosophy is dominant

Whatever you may say about the other great civilizations, they did not champion the idea of individual liberty

There’s a reason western philosophy is dominantGiven the world's political turmoil, unending wars and wildfires devastating cities, you might be surprised to learn that a vicious battle is raging in the hallowed corridors of academia. It appears that universities in developed countries are teaching western philosophy without giving equal status to the philosophical teachings of Indian, Chinese, Islamic or Native American scholars.…

Loyola decision protects religious freedom

Church and state can work together for the common good

Loyola decision protects religious freedomThe Supreme Court of Canada’s recent decision in the case of a private Catholic high school in Montreal only confirms the obvious: a faith-based education is not incompatible with the goals of a secular, democratic society. In 2008, as part of the continued secularization of the Quebec school system, the province adopted a mandatory Ethics…
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