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The E-sports revolution is taking shape in every corner of the globe. And as pointed out by Michelle Thomas, an online gambling expert, Canada has not been left behind, the country is emerging as a major player in the industry. Going by the recent investment reports, the industry has exploded in the last few years. She observes that the main investors have been celebrities and professional sports organizations. This is the same trajectory that the casino industry took. The lucrative industry which has come to embrace several payment options started with a few investors who were drawn from sports organizations and celebrities. As she points out E-sports industry somehow mimics online gambling in terms of the revolution that has been witnessed in the recent past.


The emergence of online gambling platforms including the paysafecard casinos as well as those offering incentives such as no deposit bonus have created a gambling atmosphere where people are engaging in casino games either as a pass-time activity or a means to earn a living. E-sports gamers’ lifestyle has taken a similar trajectory, some are in it to have fun and excitement while for others it is a way of earning a living. In this article, we explore the massive impact that the esports industry has created as well as look into how the industry has grown in 2022.

Massive prizes

The type of prizes that have been offered in e-sports tournaments in the recent past has been phenomenal. In 2022 the prize pools have exploded into tens of millions. Big prize pools have had a positive impact on the game.

  • It has increased competition,
  • has helped in building
  • It has attracted quality players
  • the games are attracting a huge following both viewers and supporters.

E-Sports fans want to see players and teams competing for huge prizes and organizers are not disappointing. We all remember the Call of Duty League tournament where the take-home prize was $4.6 million. There has been a $ 3 million prize that was one by a teenager in the Fornite World Cup. Way back in 2019, the winning team won a $ 15.6 million prize. There was the PUGB tournament in 2021 where the prize pool was $ 7.1 million. The honor Kings Cup in 2021 had a prize of $ 7.7 million. The 2022 BLAST Premier and PGL Major Arlington among other tournaments also had huge prizes.

When you compare these prizes with what has been at stake in other sports, for example in Tennis where the prizes have ranged between 2-3 million, you will notice that e-sports is way above these categories. Given its novelty, Michelle Thomas points to an industry that will surpass most sports to emerge as the top awarding in the history of tournaments. It is also an indicator that the eSports revolution has taken over. Right from the high stake events to the attraction of millions of fans, the impact that the sport is creating can only be equated to much-hyped events such as Super Bowl.


E-sports in Canada

Sports commentators point out that Canada’s online gaming space has steadily grown. In 2021 there were 23 million active participants and the number is expected to double in the next year. The impact is not just felt at a personal level; the economy is also benefiting. It is estimated that close to 190,000 jobs have been created directly and indirectly out of e-Sporting activities.

Large companies such as Nintendo, EA Games, Ubisoft, and Epic Games among others have set their shop in Canada with more expected to join in the coming years. Investments such as Toronto esports arena among others an indication that the country has become a major player in the industry. Experts point at the presence of highly skilled talents and the business climate where the legal framework is welcoming to new ventures as some of the factors that have led to video game development in the country. To quote the gambling experts, these are similar factors that have contributed to the growth of online casinos in the country.

There have been several operators who have set up shops in Canada where establishments that accept Paysafecard casinos among other options are recording great numbers in terms of user subscriptions and revenues. It is expected that the two industries will continue to record good numbers. Online casinos will continue to enroll players, attracted by handsome incentives and convenient payment options such as Paysafecard. Similarly, e-Sports will continue to make great strides as more people look into new ways of having fun as well as winning handsome prizes.

Just a decade ago, you would see a few people flocking to e-sports arenas to watch and play. But a few years down the lane, the story has changed. Now, we have more people engaging in e-sports and the number of spectators watching the tournament in arenas and streaming the events live has increased phenomenally. It is now almost at par with online casino games in terms of activities that people engage in, either for fun or to earn some money. It is expected that the e-sports industry will continue to record positive growth and the impact it creates especially on the e-sports lifestyle would be unprecedented. Watch this space and see a singular sporting activity revolutionizing the world.

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