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Sid KaplanWhy would you want to holiday at home? You’re into travel and adventure! But when the economy is in the skids, you might find that your budget just won’t take a big international trip. The media even came up with a new word for a home holiday: a “staycation” instead of vacation.

We all still need a break from work but you can find fun and adventure close to home. Plan something a little less ambitious this year and save some money so you can get back out into the world next year.

There really are quite a few fun things to do close to where we live; we just don’t take the time to do them. It is the same with the friends we visit in other places: they take us to fun and interesting spots but say they never go because it’s so close to home.

So why not play tourist in your own backyard?

While travelling we love to try foods that are new and different. At home, you can probably find a Vietnamese restaurant or an Indian restaurant or a Mexican restaurant close by. Have you ever been there? How about French, Italian, Middle Eastern, Japanese, Greek, Indonesian? There’s no end of choice. A culinary holiday at home this year might have you planning a trip next year to a destination you hadn’t considered before.

Are there ethnic festivals or celebrations planned for your area? Chinese New Year? Tet celebration? A Greek festival with dancing? A Japanese Obon Festival? Scottish Games?

Are there historic sites near where you live that you just take for granted? Are there significant buildings you’ve never been in? If you live in London, have you ever toured Buckingham Palace or have you always said, “Oh, that’s just for tourists.” If you live in Washington D.C., have you seen Mount Vernon, George Washington’s Plantation?

You may have to include a day trip, but there could be something close by that you would not think of missing if you were traveling to your area instead of living there. Holiday at home and see the history and significant sights near where you live.

How about museums you never go to. Is there an historic battlefield nearby? Is there an old train that gives rides? Little old towns that time forgot? Those are the kinds of places that visiting tourists seek out and the kinds of places you look for when you travel. Look for them at home.

Have you ever wanted to play golf in Scotland? Take golf lessons and polish up your golf game. Save the money this year and, by next year, maybe you’ll feel confident enough to try those links courses.

Ever wanted to trek in Nepal? Spend this year hiking in parks close to home to get in shape and ready to tackle … well, if not Mt. Everest, maybe the Annapurna Loop Trek.

Once in a while you might just find that a holiday at home will give you more information and money for travel in the future.


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