Troy Media is looking to partner with local journalists, businesspeople

Has your community lost its local media outlet?

We can help.

As a Troy Media Business Partner, your annual sponsorship entitles you to:

  1. Free advertising on our site in your local community
  2. a 50% discount off our advertising rates on our national ad platform  (in beta)
  3.  Four free advertorials per year
  4. Membership in Troy Media’s VIP Thought Leadership program, a $3,250 per year value. Join our current Thought Leaders and share your insights with readers and decision-makers across Canada
  5. a 30% discount on all sponsorship opportunities
  6. Knowing you are supporting your community and actively promoting it across Canada

Contact us for more information on how you can become a Troy Media Business Partner.


Access Troy Media’s national editorial content distribution channels and its own growing network of news sites across Canada to prospect for new business and investment for your community.

Contact us to find our how we can promote your community and help it transition to the new economy.

Harness the power of Troy Media Digital Solutions

Your secret weapon to increasing revenue and reducing costs

Community newspapers like yours are the backbone of Canada’s media industry. But we’ve heard from many of independent community newspaper owners about the challenges they face.

Readers are moving online, and you have to follow them. But how do you develop a digital presence without diminishing the viability of your print product?

The solution is simple.

Stop competing with yourself by replicating your print edition’s content online.

Instead, rebrand your web site as a separate section of your newspaper, providing added value to your readers with feature content (Travel Features, Auto Reviews, A&E, National News and analysis etc.), augmented with as little (or as much) local content as you desire (breaking news, photos, press releases, contests etc.).

Your website becomes the (online) section of your newspaper, with editorial content that wouldn’t necessarily appear in your print edition, provided and broadcasted daily by Troy Media.

As the best-known and most-used editorial content provider in Canada, Troy Media understand your needs. We also understand the stresses and strains you face.

Founded in 2005, Troy Media has grown to become Canada’s largest independent provider of original editorial features, opinions and analysis. Content sourced from Troy Media appears in dozens of newspapers, news sites, blogs and radio reports daily.

Contact us to find out how your news site can enjoy all of the benefits of becoming a Troy Media Affiliate.

Among our services

  • News site hosting at a very reasonable rate
  • Troy Media content posted to your site daily
  • All maintenance, including for performance, and security at a server level
  • Implementation of Troy Media site theme, with 1 hour of customization.
  • Inclusion in Troy Media’s Google Analytics account to provide analytics at a network-wide level. Your site’s stats are available right in your Dashboard.
  • Site specific ad platform
  • (Future service) Implementation of national ad platform to increase your revenue.

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