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Learning from the pros

Learning from the Pros interviews professional entrepreneurs who are currently in the trenches growing their businesses. Through insightful conversations, we unpack their common business challenges and identify the lessons every business owner needs to learn so they can accelerate their own business growth. Learning from the Pros is produced by Amplomedia in partnership with Troy Media.

Today we’re joined by Derek Spruill, co-founder and director of sales for Cherry Blossom Hemp. This is the second iteration of the Cherry Blossom brand. Originally called Cherry Blossom Confections, the company dealt in the edibles and marijuana candy market. The second iteration then became Cherry Blossom Hemp, and finally, after meeting with a CBD manufacturer out in Oakland, they became Cherry Blossom CBD.

Today’s Guest

Derek Spruill is passionate about the quality of life which you can achieve by using high-quality CBD derived from hemp, as well as the amazing quality of life that we all can enjoy by expanding the uses of industrial hemp fibre, oils, and seeds. CBD derived from hemp has been proven by numerous studies to give relief to various ailments, both physical and mental. Hemp, on an industrial level, can be used to produce clothing, plastics, biofuels, building materials, and even soil and wastewater cleanup efforts.

Our Host

Lance Johnson

Lance Johnson

Lance Johnson is the president of Amplomedia, an innovative digital marketing agency specializing in motion graphic video production and digital marketing services. He leverages more than 20 years of experience in marketing and business strategy to help clients identify how best to engage their audience while effectively communicating their messages with clarity and impact.

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Learning from the pros

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