What is transcendent leadership?

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Learning from the pros

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Amplify Your Business, produced by Amplomedia in partnership with Troy Media, will interview professional entrepreneurs who are currently in the trenches growing their businesses. Through insightful conversations, we will be unpacking their common business challenges and identifying the lessons every business owner needs to learn so they can accelerate their own business growth.

“We get into the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to entrepreneurship,” says Lance Johnson, Amplomedia’s founder and marketing veteran and our host. “And it’s the failures that often lead to the greatest lessons, so be prepared to hear some uncomfortable and very REAL conversations about what is required to create successful businesses.”

Today we’re joined by Ally Stone – founder & CEO of The Inspired Leader. Transcendent Leadership is an intensely personal journey involving amplifying the best traits of yourself and silencing all the doubts that might hold you (and your team) back. Stone’s work inside the hospitality industry and beyond speaks to how much we can accomplish when we let our strengths speak for us.

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Today’s Guest

Ally Stone
Ally Stone

Ally Stone has been a leader in the hospitality industry for over 15 years. During that time, she has been an integral part of developing 15 successful businesses and teams. Ally has mastered a deep understanding of what it means to be truly connected as a leader and how that drives the success of any business.

She bases her leadership style on what she has come to call Transcendent Leadership. Her approach elevates team thinking beyond everyday problems and obstacles, building on quality in group and individual connection for lasting effect.

This has created a culture of engaged and emerging leaders in her organization that many admire and emulate. Through “The Inspired Leader,” Ally shares these insights with organizations and leaders alike. Together they dive deep into what it means to go beyond, to lead from a place of presence and connection, creating an opportunity to experience their careers in ways that previously had not been deemed possible.

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Our Host

Lance Johnson
Lance Johnson

Lance Johnson is the president of Amplomedia, an innovative digital marketing agency specializing in motion graphic video production and digital marketing services. He leverages more than 20 years of experience in marketing and business strategy to help clients identify how best to engage their audience while effectively communicating their messages with clarity and impact.

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Learning from the pros

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